Daniel Danger and Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988 (Opening Photos)

The Arrested Motion crew was able to drop in on Daniel Danger and Dan McCarthy’s show opening at Gallery 1988 San Francisco last weekend.  They snapped a bunch of really cool photos.  Check it out at ArrestedMotion.com.

5 Responses to “Daniel Danger and Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988 (Opening Photos)”

  1. Nice. I managed to pick up some of the Daniel Danger pieces a few days ago. I’m still waiting for them to all sell out, but then I remembered that the opening was very recently.

  2. looks like a great show. i wish i could be there.

    daniel, those jeans look way too tight.

  3. Damn DD is the poster boy for “tight jeans r us.” But his stuff does rock, so I guess he’s forgiven.

  4. ^ haha

  5. Art looks great but a lil’ too emo for my blood….”I cut to feel” is going to be the name of DD’s next print.

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