“Cloud House” Art Print by Scott Campbell

Here’s another great tip from Creep Machine.  If you are a Scott Campbell fan, this is exactly what you need in your collection, his most ambitious print to date.  “Cloud House” is a 24″ x 36″ giclee, has a tiny edition of 30, and is $180.  You can hear audio commentary about the piece HERE.  To purchase, visit GalleryNucleus.com.

8 Responses to ““Cloud House” Art Print by Scott Campbell”

  1. Very cool. I need to pick up some of his work one of these days.

  2. Another great print!

    A bit out of my price range right now though…

  3. He has some talent but I am still on the fence about his work overall. I have yet to be hit with “wow” factor that I have seen people get from his work.

  4. ^ same

  5. purchased!

  6. awesome. love everything he does.

  7. Beautiful

  8. more scott c. prints here http://postercabaret.com/scottc.aspx

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