The Amazing Work of Howling Print

If you were at Flatstock in Austin, you probably no doubt caught the stunning work of Howling print.  Most of the prints are linocuts, but there are also some linocut/screenprint hybrids.  You should seriously check this stuff out.  Visit

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  1. Saw Dennis’ stuff in person at the southern graphics conference in Chicago last week , where we exhibited work together with Jay Ryan and others…incredible stuff in person.

  2. first saw dennis’ work hanging at a halloween party in brooklyn ’07…. then again a few months ago at a print show here. Killer art!!! glad to see he made it to flatstock!

  3. his work for vans is great also.

  4. this stuff is awesome, and so not what i usually like. Love it a lot!

  5. Dennis is a cool guy, too. He was one of my silkscreen professors at Pratt during part of my independent study.

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