Obey Giant “20 Year Retro Series” Art Print Set (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant crew will release this 20 year retrospective art print set today.  These are absolutely massive 29″ x 41″ screenprints, have editions of 75, and will be $600 each (or $2000 for a full set).  These drop today (Thursday, April 2nd) at 12pm PST.  If you’ve got some serious dough to spend, visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. me thinks i shall save my dough for daniel danger’s show this weekend at g1988

  2. way too much :(

  3. Failip.

  4. Ouch – I don’t think Shep is feeling the recession in any manner…..

  5. I think shepard is turning into a joke. this guy recycles old prints and jacks up the price on them. If he puts out another pattern set, I’ll puke. What happened to the “I want everyone to experience my art”, Shepard that we grew to love. This guy is as commercial as you can possible get nowadays. Turning out a charitable piece (that is 75% recycled images) is not keeping you in touch with the people. I’ve tried to do the math, and he’s got to be making millions a year…….Retro series crepe!!! I’m ready to get rid of most of my Shep pieces, I think I got caught up in the hype for a while. There are plenty of better artists out there right now.

    Just my $.02


  6. Fuck Shep. Fuckin sell-out diggin up some old art and change it a bit and re-slang them for $2000!? Go $#%! yourself Fairey.

  7. Not going for this. I don’t hate Fairey, but I prefer both the J. Rogers Hendrix/Griffin piece that comes out today and Deuce 7’s washout –not to mention I like the Tigerlily Danger print on Posters&Toys. . . But back to Fairey, I do feel as though his work will “always” be available because of the edition size and flippers. I really wanted Israel/Palestine but failed. Then I was going to buy it on the secondary market until I realized, why rush? Maybe in a year it’ll be hard to find but right now, the market is flooding and it’s hovering around $200. I can buy something harder to come by now and go back for it later, maybe even cheaper if I get lucky!

  8. 2G’s for 4 prints?! I love his art and all,,, but that is just way too much. How about selling some $60 unsigned, non-limited prints for us common folks? Would that be so out of touch? The only people who can afford this stuff are investment speculators who will never even take it out of the tube it shipped in.

    These will sell out in 30 mins. And appear on eBay in under a day.


  9. HAHAHAHAHahHAAHAH @ $2000 price tag.

    I’m close to being homeless…. now thats nothing to laugh at.

  10. too big and too dear – im out

  11. Does anyone think this will sell out? I think Shep’s a sell out. Ready to liquidate my prints too.

  12. I hope some lame ass flippers attempt to flip these! They’re in for a rude awakening. Good luck retards.

  13. Great Images, and incredible prints. I can’t wait to get my hands on a set!!!

    I think that the negativity is pretty inappropriate, and perhaps is a way for people to use Shepard’s success as a scapegoat for their own personal problems. Shepard is NOT the reason noone has money right now; don’t take your frustrations out on him or his artwork, people!

  14. True. Beside these are SUPPOSED to be recycled old prints for the Boston retrospective show. A sort of overview of his past work, printed much larger in a very small run. People should do there research before hating so much. That’s just weak.

  15. Yes, sell all your Fairey prints. The end is nigh!

    P.S. Good luck getting any of the popular Fairey prints for a decent price a year after they come out.

  16. Close to homeless but always bloggin.

  17. My complaint is not with the economy, my complaint lies more in the percieved lack of effort. I understand that he has a retrospective show coming up, I just don’t understand how you can charge $600 per for blowing up some some of your old work and running off a set. And the patterns….come on…really…..

    To each their own, if you like the work buy it. I’m really getting over him though. I’m hoping some of you will give me a good price on the batch of his work I’m going to sell.

  18. Obey retro series set sold out in 30 seconds today.

  19. i would buy those but im 14 and could only afford one =[

  20. I love the “I’m going to kick your ass…” print but for $600 I think I’ll just enjoy it in the pages of my copy of Supply and Demand.

  21. eh, these are weak. for 600 bucks, i’d say that qualifies for really weak. hate on! dont do reseach! it’s for nerds!

  22. I have said it before. Shep is a nice guy and I think that he is getting caught up in the whole business side of his art. Back in the day Banksy used to give his prints away to friends and strangers and now he demands high prices on all his stuff. If shep really cared about the people he would have this set as a open edition. He has proved that he can sell out limited prints every week. I know the women here are going to hate on me but it seems that he got weak after his wife got involved with swindle and studio number one. Sometimes you have to put your foot down.

  23. Too rich for my blood.


  24. Personally, I find that Shep’s style does not appeal to me anymore. And it’s not because he has grown to be immensely popular. It’s more because of his prices now, and he seems to have lost something that he used to have. Perhaps it was a bit of anonymity or less smugness. Also, the cost of some of his prints, particularly the pattern ones, is way too high for what they look like. Many artists get inspiration from other people, but his whole style depends on reproduced images. I still like seeing some of his prints now and then because of the style, but I still haven’t found anything I really want.

    However, the prices of his artwork never go down. If you really want something of his, you better it within seconds of it being released or you’ll have to pay more. I guess people don’t have to be in a rush to get his pieces and can wait a year or whatever, but be prepared to shell out some serious dough for the signed/numbered ones. Also, people shouldn’t be complaining about the economy and how much he sells prints for. It’s too much of a stretch.

  25. Wow

    went and had look out of well… should I or not ?
    Sold out at 3.20pm

  26. guys, you might as well go buy some original acrylic/oil original works rather than PRINTS, with the kind of money you need to pay for these.

    and i do stress PRINTS.

  27. Buy my unimaginative reproduced regurgitated images and like them. I’m shepard fairey, from the street to wall street, all the way to the bank bitches!

  28. “If shep really cared about the people he would have this set as a open edition.”

    I care about people but if I found a way to make some money off of “everyday people” then fuck ’em. PAY ME!

    Hey Horacia Hollywood and AffinityPress, if your lookin to liquidate, sell/trade, hit me up on expressobeans. INKBLOTS. Wouldnt mind getting my hands on a print or two of his. Id like to broaden my collection.

    otherwise just email me. inkblots_x66@yahoo.com

  29. Shep is a snooze fest. So many more deserving artists out there putting out high quality work that won’t give you a headache trying to order and wont rape your wallet. Put this dude to rest.

  30. AGREED Nick.

  31. Hey Horacia Hollywood and AffinityPress,
    If you DO decide to sell your Shepard prints to Brian, remember his own words….

    Brian said, “I care about people but if I found a way to make some money off of “everyday people” then fuck ‘em. PAY ME!”

    So charge Brian $2500 for each Shepard print. LOL

  32. Why woud anyone want to put any of that sh!t up in their living room? Its more like basement art…no woman would allow that in her house….this art requires thumb tacks and me heading back to college….

    I think i have enough sheps in my collection to be over it now….the shark has been jumped 3 or 4 times now….the purchasing of shep art has now gotten easier cause i have withdrawn from the market.

    Happy purchasing everyone.

    PS i did pick up his beer mug for $12…thats a good deal.

  33. Haha! I would much rather trade for them then buy them. I shouldnt have typed that.

  34. actions speak louder the blogs!

  35. All you critics should relax and appreciate it for what it is: provocative images that make you think. That is what Shep wants you to do. So do your best to think without a thought as its goal. I think the colors are brilliant and the star and behind you are awesome images. I haven’t seen the star image in the archives. The Andre references are apropos. He was a hero of mine too on early morning wrestling in Mpls. in the 70’s.

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