Lots of New Prints by Todd Slater

Today is just jam packed with awesome stuff.  Todd Slater just announced the release of another batch of amazing posters and art prints.  Concert posters for Modest Mouse, Morrissey, and The Black Keys will drop tomorrow (Thursday, April 2nd) at 2pm CST.  They are all screenprints with editions of 200 and will be $30 each.  His “Man In Black” art print will drop on Friday, April 3rd at 2pm CST.  It’s an 18″ x 22″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will be $50.  There will also be a wood version with an edition of 30 for $150.  When the time comes, visit ToddSlater.net.

9 Responses to “Lots of New Prints by Todd Slater”

  1. The Cash print is pretty amazing. I like how all the highlights are crosses.

  2. I completely agree…all of the images in the print capture Cash so well.

  3. all amazing as usual. Fantastic work!

  4. nice cash print but another artist who doesn’t know how the american flag is supposed to be hung vertically. the stars are always supposed to be in the upper left corner when the flag is horizontally or vertically.

  5. Someone should probably tell our US armed forces that, fee: http://www.flagpride.com/news/soldier.php

  6. I think the soldiers wear the flag on the left arm. That means that picture is reflected.

  7. @bananafana feux
    the reason why our armed forces wear it backwards it’s because they run into the battle and not away from battle. the flag patch is in the same position as a flag would be if they were carrying it and running forward.

  8. It would look pretty stupid up a flag pole if hung that way,….. and that’s either attacking OR “handing over to Government”

    Nice Cash print btw

  9. The flag is intentionally hung incorrectly. It’s a (hopefully) subtle reference to the logo of Def American records which is an upside down flag. Def American is also the label Johnny recorded his later work on with Rick Rubin. The image deals in paradoxes and I feel it’s appropriate.

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