“White Rebel” Art Print by David Flores

Art Asylum Boston has teamed up with Something Ill Studios to release this awesome new art print by David Flores.  “White Rebel” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $85 (they also always donate part of their proceeds to local art programs).  I could imagine these going pretty fast.  To purchase, shoot the gallery an email.

25 Responses to ““White Rebel” Art Print by David Flores”

  1. Alright, some random people said the gallery is shady, the gallery and some other people say they are fine, I think that is about all that can be said.

    I am not about to censor the comments either way.

    People can read everything here, on TheGiant, Expressobeans, and every other art forum, then decide for themselves.

    I have no idea who was right or wrong in this situation – that is the official OMGPosters stance.

    If the gallery owner and some random person on the internet want to keep arguing about it, they should do it via email.

  2. Thank you…well said

  3. Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment for just not liking a particular print, but this one is asking for it.

    Is it cool to just put an image of something you pretty much know people like (stormtrooper) on a print and sell it for $85? This print is kind of lame. Ordinarily I don’t agree with copyright defenders when artists do something interesting when appropriating an image, but George Lucas would be within his rights to be pissed in this case (billionaire who stopped making decent films long ago though he may be).

    Do something interesting with the stormtrooper, dude. Otherwise its just a cynical money grab, especially with all the hard working artists out there trying to do good work. PrintMafia has been dancing along this line lately as well (see their Hunter Thompson, Bob Dylan and especially Taxi Driver prints).

  4. Hey Jason, you have me confused with someone else. I have not wasted a lot of time on a slander campaign against you. My comments here are the only ones I’ve made and they did not take a lot of time. Most of your response was unintelligible so it makes it hard to respond to. Regarding the Obey stencil, prove it.

  5. Since I don’t know if these allegations against Art Asylum Boston are true or not, I will be locking comments on this post. This discussion needs to go elsewhere, it’s annoying.