“White Rebel” Art Print by David Flores

Art Asylum Boston has teamed up with Something Ill Studios to release this awesome new art print by David Flores.  “White Rebel” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $85 (they also always donate part of their proceeds to local art programs).  I could imagine these going pretty fast.  To purchase, shoot the gallery an email.

25 Responses to ““White Rebel” Art Print by David Flores”

  1. i dont get it… I think david flores is one of the most under rated artist out there IMO, I think its just because he just started doin posters about a year ago, ne who picked up a matching set for $255

  2. After artasylumboston’s attempts to sell a fake Obey stencil on ebay, he got himself on my do not deal list. Charity or not, there are many credible people to deal with and dealing with known frauds is not worth it.

    If you feel good about dealing with him, good luck.

    Caveat Emptor

  3. yea just heard about that kinda tripping out now sh!t

  4. Via the giant.org PART 01
    Ok, here’s what we either know or have come to find out and the steps that have been taken, since:
    1) eBay user “juliz1215” puts an item up on eBay billed as an authentic, 1/1, retired stencil signed by Shepard Fairey.
    2) Several potential buyers contacted the seller requesting close-up images of the signature that were never provided.
    3) Obey Giant Art, Inc. was contacted directly by more than one person and asked about the legitimacy of the piece. Their response: “It’s fake.”
    4) The eBay user “juliz1215” is contacted and notified the piece is a

  5. Via the giant.org PART 02


    5) eBay user “juliz1215” revises the auction to say she is in possession of a provenance from “the originating Gallery” that is printed on watermarked paper and that this documentation will be “revealed to the winning bidder” only after the end of the auction.

    6) The auction ends, but the result is quickly cancelled and invalidated by eBay and “juliz1215″‘s account is closed.

    7) After making inquiries, it is learned that the contact and ship-to/from information on eBay seller “juliz1215″‘s account is as follows:

  6. Via the giant.org PART 03

    9) THEGIANT.ORG member “artasylumboston” is contacted regarding the stencil and the “Gallery provenance” is requested but is not produced after several days spent waiting, even while in full communication with the user.

    10) THEGIANT.ORG member “artasylumboston”‘s account is closed and banned for reasons of Community Trust.

    In the course of looking into the “near sale” of the stencil, the sale of other questionable pieces was brought up by people who contacted me. I am unable to verify their claims and they have no bearing on our decision to close artasylumboston’s account.

  7. wow drama.

  8. It’s definitely a day of drama.

  9. Yeah, I have zero ability to vouch in either direction, I just posted it because it was current.

    To the person that KEEPS trying to post comments defending ArtAsylum, I maybe would have approved one, but four comments under three different names isn’t going to happen. Not this time.

  10. Wow. This guy just contacted me last week and wanted me to design a print for him…I may have to do some reconsidering if this is how he works. Bummer, I was stoked to have a company want to reproduce my work.

  11. screw the drama, I just don’t like this print. It looks rushed and half-assed when put side by side with david flores’ other recent work. pass.

  12. I’m a little shocked at all of these comments, i actually purchased a few things from this gallery including an obey original, the “Fantome” print as well as a old kinsey piece, everything i have purchased hasn’t been a knock off.. and i was very pleased with all transactions

    I’m just confused at the fact that some pretty major art sites and artists have been working with Art Asylum why would people take a chance on that if this gallery wasn’t legit, your basically saying alot of these well known sites dont do their researching.. OF COURSE they do, why would they put their business on line for something that was false?? some people should take a look around them before they start posting information true or not.. I’d like to see everyone who has had negative things to say start a business and put yourself out there, i know from personal experience it isnt easy. Let’s cut them some slack.

    No one is forcing anyone to love or purchase EVERYTHING a person has online..one persons views shouldnt sway others if they do then those people are just followers and cant think for themselves. I thought art was supposed to be fun,inspiring,moving and not judged…

    ps. these flores pieces are amazing.. i hope there are some left so i can get my hands on a set.

  13. Your punctuation and spelling is as bad as this Jason Zenga character.

  14. Sorry i have a life and don’t sit behind a computer all day bad mouthing people.i didnt know I was being graded.. You have nothing better to do than to put other people down. That’s mature

    I thought sites like this were meant for positive reasons funny that they keep allowing all this childish behavior to continue.

  15. kellum?

  16. Point fail.

    I wanted to emphasize the fact that you sound awfully like this Jason Zenga individual.

    I could be wrong.

  17. Since when does exposing someone’s fraudulent behavior become “badmouthing.” Zenga had every opportunity to clarify why he was selling a bootlegged Obey stencil and failed to do so.

    So maybe he has his hands in other legit projects, fine. For me, it’s one and done. I’d rather spend my money with people with no black marks. His reputation has been tarnished for me.

    It actually helps to narrow the pool of art I’m interested in. It’s unfortunate for the artists but that’s what comes with choosing who you deal with.

    I don’t blame the admin for posting this, the info is out there. Do with it what you will…


  19. This guy has several EBAY accounts where he sells and buys things. He bought a item form me and then never paid for it leaving me stuck with ebay fees….Buyer beware this guy is a liar and a scam artist…..Lies and more lies! Not to mention he swore up down that he would pay me and never did….


  20. I agree it is unfortunate that based on miss information you claim to have, you not only wasted your time maliciously slandering my / our name. Every person other than me that posts a comment you assume its me. I do not operate under any assumed names which is a tired miss informed statement, and your ongoing efforts have proven to be unsuccessful , And “Hank: we both know it was not me who sold that piece nor did I ever handle it and I even offered as a middle man to assist in helping you with and info, your response was not very honest nor pleasant and this campaign has also been unsuccessful and the most ironic part of this whole situation was that the piece in question was proven authentic! and after communicating with the artist pertaining to this situation we have gained there full support and trust and it only made your persecution worthless. You proved nothing and have wasted a lot of time hurting those who work very hard and all along have never admitted where you were wrong. We know you will never admit to this but we stand by what we do and the truth can never be twisted , you did OK for a while but lies never trump truth. And last but not least I am not this “Asempty” guy that john / blazedoutbe keeps calling me.

    If you do not want to deal with us thats fine but you do not have to partake in posting false information and miss leading people. We had people telling us that you informed them that we printed these and signed them our selves. Like I said a lie will never stand up against truth. If anyone has any questions we will be more than glad to answer them please contact us at : info@artasylumboston.com

    And this forum should be dedicated to the arts not a ranting of false statements especially by those who have been very well known to cause trouble and spread rumors about others, Yes this is well documented and the artist himself was not very happy with the situations that took place by those who so openly have negative things to say about us.

    Our history speaks for itself……and so do your false statements and at this time they are turning around on you. We wish ill on no one but when you do this it is inevitable that it comes back to you.

  21. Alright, some random people said the gallery is shady, the gallery and some other people say they are fine, I think that is about all that can be said.

    I am not about to censor the comments either way.

    People can read everything here, on TheGiant, Expressobeans, and every other art forum, then decide for themselves.

    I have no idea who was right or wrong in this situation – that is the official OMGPosters stance.

    If the gallery owner and some random person on the internet want to keep arguing about it, they should do it via email.

  22. Thank you…well said

  23. Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment for just not liking a particular print, but this one is asking for it.

    Is it cool to just put an image of something you pretty much know people like (stormtrooper) on a print and sell it for $85? This print is kind of lame. Ordinarily I don’t agree with copyright defenders when artists do something interesting when appropriating an image, but George Lucas would be within his rights to be pissed in this case (billionaire who stopped making decent films long ago though he may be).

    Do something interesting with the stormtrooper, dude. Otherwise its just a cynical money grab, especially with all the hard working artists out there trying to do good work. PrintMafia has been dancing along this line lately as well (see their Hunter Thompson, Bob Dylan and especially Taxi Driver prints).

  24. Hey Jason, you have me confused with someone else. I have not wasted a lot of time on a slander campaign against you. My comments here are the only ones I’ve made and they did not take a lot of time. Most of your response was unintelligible so it makes it hard to respond to. Regarding the Obey stencil, prove it.

  25. Since I don’t know if these allegations against Art Asylum Boston are true or not, I will be locking comments on this post. This discussion needs to go elsewhere, it’s annoying.