“Sally Jupiter” Watchmen Art Print by James Jean

Uh oh, the Watchmen nerds are gonna be all over this one.  James Jean’s ode to Sally Jupiter is a 17″ x 22″ giclee with an open edition.  You can snag one for $85 at ProcessRecess.com.

Via Creep Machine.

5 Responses to ““Sally Jupiter” Watchmen Art Print by James Jean”

  1. This was actually used in the movie. Was in the Comedians house. James Jean had a post on it a while back.

  2. I love his stuff, but seems overpriced for a giclee. Could be wrong. Just my opinion though.

  3. Overpriced for an open edition anyway, totally cool nonetheless.

  4. she has two left feet on purpose?

  5. James work has always been a bit pricey. But as a fan of “Watchmen,” not the movie mind you, this piece is hard to pass up.

    I’ll probably end up grabbing this after I take a shot at the P&T Lebowski variant.

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