New Prints and Originals by Faile

If you’ve got some serious, serious dough, you can now try to snag new art prints and originals by Faile.  I’m not even gonna go into specifics, just check out the site if you are interested.  Everything will be sold with a lottery system.  Visit

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  1. $2800 a print! HAHAHAHA… is this before or after the entire Faile crew gives me head?

  2. After.

  3. Don’t believe the hype.

  4. before!

  5. Do you think we are rich or what, mazn?

  6. this is rude to ask, but are these really worth the price? forget the production costs… but are these identifiable with many people?

  7. Ask yourself this Matt. If you were walking around an outdoor art festival and these prints were selling for $100 by an artisit you never heard of, would you buy them?

    The answer for me is, no. It is all hype my friend.

  8. In the spirit of BEEFLOAF I will not be purchasing these prints and paintings.

  9. This print is trash, who is this person? Why do they think this crap is worth 100 times a normal print?

  10. I adore Faille and have done so for years – Its the missing piece in my “Urban art” collection – the last show in the UK they did a stunning print “tender” I think it was called – its now out of my price range and they are moving up and up beyond my scope. I kick myself for not getting one earlier. IMOP Faile are at the very cutting edge of excellence.
    I actually think that in time Faile body of work will stand the test of time – the level of skill is amazing – There was a piece on this site before, inside Faile’s Studio and I didn’t realize the level of complexity it took to make a painting – they hand paint each layer, each rip and tear and build layer on layer – It was an amazing piece
    ( This one article secured it for me. This changed the way I look at Faile and now have Faile in the category of say Roy Lichtenstein !
    My wife asked me only the other day – out of all the painters / print makers today who would you like to own – It was a simple answer for me.
    I can’t afford these prints or originals but I do believe the market force has it totally correct – they are so good at what they do, people want them and price rise.
    I think these pieces are priced correctly – I think the market has it correct by willing to pay these prices. IMOP if I could purchase one original of today’s current pop artists – It would be Faile.

  11. Ok, I agree his studio art looks sweet. This print itself, is not strong enough to justify the price for me.

  12. I think their work is more about composition, message, graphic design, and patience. Rather than a “amazing level of skill”.

    It’s pretty cool but cool at $100-$200 a print.

    I like “bananafana feux’s” analogy.

  13. Brian,
    Faile is two guys, not one.

  14. moog – get yourself a fight vanity – awesome print

  15. @ Dollface – good shout but have you seen the prices recently. Really want the Tender as its so complex and classic Faile.

  16. I’m not doubting that these prints are very good quality, intricate and look very very good. But can somebody please explain to me why Faile demand such high prices? I went to see their Glimmering Lights show in london recently and whilst i was very impressed i don’t see how what they’re doing is innovative or groundbreaking. What is so different about what Faile is doing to what Hamilton, Blake, Warhol and Lichtenstein did over 40 years ago? Why will Faile stand the test of time? People aren’t stupid enough to think that if something is expensive it MUST be good – unless you are very pretentious.

  17. I always thought Faile was three people Patrick McNeil, Patrick Miller and Aiko Nakagawa, at least in it’s current state.

  18. Thats not me up there, FYI. Im going to be known as “The Other Brian” from now on.

  19. Nah Aiko left sometime ago. Faile along with Banksy and Adam Neate will stand the test of time……

  20. Why does Faile charge $2800 for a print you ask? It’s because their prints sell for $2800. Why should they only charge $1000 for art that is worth 3 times that amount? Only to alow flippers the opportunity to make money off of THEIR hard work, THEIR art? Art that Faile conceived, drew, painted, printed, and put all of their waking energy into? You’re be crazy to devalue your work so much that you’d let these sleezy scumbags make double the money that you did when you actually created the work in question.

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