New Masayoshi Hanawa Originals

Masayoshi Hanawa, the Japanese psychedelic artist I’ve written about a number of times here, has some new originals for sale.  This latest batch has all kinds of insane 3D elements, and they range from about $200-$250.  Hanawa has been picking up steam in the Japanese gallery circuit, all of his previous work is now sold out.  Check out the new ones (1.19-1.24) at

3 Responses to “New Masayoshi Hanawa Originals”

  1. Hanawa is great… and it looks like he’s about to go bonkers with textures. I already own one and, in fact, I just purchased the last available from his most recent releases on Tuesday. (I couldn’t believe it was still for sale, as it had been my favorite of his most recent series but I couldn’t financially justify it at the time a couple of months ago. Lucky me!!)

  2. these are sweet!!!

  3. Awesome! too high for now. totally worth it, i just don’t have the money.

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