Exclusive Daniel Danger Sneak Peek

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at one of the prints that will debut at Daniel Danger’s upcoming show at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco.  The print is titled “and i don’t even like to be seen in the parking lot between the movies and the drinks and the glass.  whatever the hell that means”, and is set to be an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  No word on edition or price yet, but man, this is ruling.  I’ll keep giving you news as I get it, until then, enjoy!

Click the image for a much larger view:

16 Responses to “Exclusive Daniel Danger Sneak Peek”

  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one…..good job DD

  2. good looking print!

    putnam’s pharmacy, huh? very nice.

  3. Pretty sweet!

  4. DD has been on fire recently, this is great

  5. wow, man. I’m a sucker for DD’s stuff. I just got the Lock and Key print in the mail yesterday and it’s ridiculous.

    Pretty sure I’m going to have to pick this one up too.

  6. dig the print, the title not so much

  7. Haha, he put your name on it!

    I’ll be at the show for sure, pick one of these up, should be a good time!

  8. WOW! just beautiful. Hope I’m lucky enough to get one of these, AND that the run isn’t too big.

  9. Makes me very happy I’m going to the show

  10. Love it. I didn’t buy the others that were too rich for my blood but this one may force me to throw caution to the wind.

  11. This is a very awkward size for a Daniel Danger print. Anyone want to guess what the title means?

  12. it means satan rules

  13. For some reason, I always buy Tyler Stout’s prints and haven’t bought anything from Daniel Danger yet, even though his prints are absolutely beautiful.

  14. looks great – dd, got the letter press – awesome in the flesh…..the moon-the moon

  15. Love this piece.

    There are so many interpretations when it comes to his artwork. The juxtaposition, darkness, silence, colours, creepiness, etc. are all brilliant in his work.

  16. How / Where can I get a copy (whenever it goes on sale…)?
    This and the Modest Mouse one are probably my favorites…
    great stuff.

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