Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski Poster (Onsale Info)

The day has FINALLY come.  Today marks the release of one of the most popular prints ever posted on OMGPosters (seriously, you should have seen the hits from outside the poster world), Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski poster.  The regular edition is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 300 (though not all will be available through the site).  The variant with glow in the dark ink is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 60 (again, less available online).  These will go up for sale today (Tuesday, March 17th) at 12pm PST.  Since basically everyone and their mom wants one of these, you should probably act quickly.  Visit TStout.com.

There will also be a metallic silver and gold variant at Postersandtoys eventually, though not for a week or two.  To stay on top of things, get on the mailing list at Postersandtoys.com.

62 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. Will need one of these.

  2. Yep, gunna have to have a pop at one of these

  3. love this print… sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. he fits right in there. and that’s the dude.

  4. Anyone know what the price will be for the regular version?

  5. i think it’s going to be $40 reg and $60 green variant – but don’t hold me to that

  6. ‘You want a toe? I can get you a toe…’
    AWESOME. Ill be there in a few hrs.

  7. im confused on how to buy this. Call me retarded.

  8. Okay, you’re retarded. TStout.com. Be there.

  9. Oh, it’s on!

  10. Which is better, the red or variant? I’m undecided.

  11. wow! suddenly can’t log into his site, its jammed!


  13. Totally farked!

  14. Got a variant

  15. Site is hurt right now bad.

  16. Sites all jammed up, can’t get in for last 5 minutes…

  17. cant even open the website

  18. that site was logjammed!

  19. How is anyone even getting through?

  20. Nice. Bagged a variant. One of my favorite films of all time!

    The stout abides.

  21. havent been able to get on the site since 2, sheesh this sucks

  22. Scored a variant as well.

  23. got a variant….seems to be better now

  24. Really wish he had a presale for returning customers. I missing a meeting for this…

  25. Keep refreshing the page. Don’t wait on the loading. it’s all in the timing.

  26. any popular designers that read this… PLEASE upgrade your web hosting! 😉

  27. Whoo! Took 12 minutes of reloading, but I got one!

  28. took a while to load, but I got varient

  29. I got both but will have to wait and see if I get the refund message…..

  30. you have to press F5 many times

  31. got in, took over 15 minutes, got a regular, ROCKIN!

  32. scored one of each (or at least my reciept says so…) – will go nice with my obey lebowski print….

  33. Finally the site opened up. and I scored one of each. We’ll see if i’m good.

  34. @ chongo
    I think Tyler underestimates the popularity of his posters. This must have had greater demand than any other poster he’s sold on his site. Good for him!

  35. My Paypal receipt is timed at 2:06, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m good.

  36. Variant is gone!!!

  37. “SOLD OUTTTTTT. refunds coming”


  38. Sold OUT! Refunds coming…

  39. Do you guys think it would suck if we got the refunded?

  40. the waiting game now…

  41. Maybe I will be refunded. We shall see.

  42. Got a cool red one to go with my Warriors and Big Trouble ones. Yeah… now to get frames.

  43. Wanted a variant, but any money I can save is good, so went for the reg. edition. Hoping I don’t get a refund, as this will be my first Stout print. With the Obey print Thursday, this could be an expensive week for print collectors.

  44. $100 isn’t an expensive week at ALL!

  45. my variant got refunded

  46. anyone else refunded?

  47. Yep, my variant got refunded too

  48. Nevermind. I thought I was clear; just got refunded.

  49. for the variant btw

  50. placed my order for the regular at 12:19, so far no refund.

    i’ve already got a bunch of posters by him, but i’ll have to clear some room for this masterpiece – or atleast i hope.

  51. got a regular and it’s been a couple hours so I think I’m iin the clear. I think those of you who got refunded ordered more then 1 poster. It says on tstout.com that for the first 48 hours, no more then 1 per person.

    good for tyler though, super good posters

  52. I only ordered 1, but it was the variant. 12:19? I bought at 12:12 -guess I should’ve gone regular.

  53. I dont think people know how to use Tyler’s site. If you were F5’ing, you shouldnt have been.

    FYI, Tyler’s site uses AJAX which allows partial information from pages to load. There is no need to F5 or refresh the entire page (thats actually a bad thing to do). Once you have his site loaded and are in the store, just click a different tile and click back to the tile/print you are waiting to go onsale. Repeat until the “BUY” button apears.

    So yes, if you were F5’ing and didnt get a print, now you know why. You’re welcome.

  54. FYI, if you got refunded on a variant and missed the regular, email Tyler, he just may hook you up.

  55. I actually like the Posters and Toys version the best. Admin any idea of when these will be available? thx!

  56. I wish none of us would get refunded.

  57. I like the original gold, red & black the best – just like it was exhibited at the signed & numbered gallery for the “this aggression will not stand, man” show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urZRrcSZsXs
    Really cool video with all the works from the show. The tyler one simply looks incredible.

  58. Few regular versions waiting to be purchased, just picked one up at 9PM EST!!!

  59. just bought one at 8:29 pm central…..

  60. just scored


  61. Wow… this went nuts while I was sleeping.
    Congrats Tyler.

  62. Any idea as to when the posters and toys variant will go up? I think that is going to be my favorite of the three.

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