Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski Poster (Onsale Info)

The day has FINALLY come.  Today marks the release of one of the most popular prints ever posted on OMGPosters (seriously, you should have seen the hits from outside the poster world), Tyler Stout’s Big Lebowski poster.  The regular edition is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 300 (though not all will be available through the site).  The variant with glow in the dark ink is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 60 (again, less available online).  These will go up for sale today (Tuesday, March 17th) at 12pm PST.  Since basically everyone and their mom wants one of these, you should probably act quickly.  Visit TStout.com.

There will also be a metallic silver and gold variant at Postersandtoys eventually, though not for a week or two.  To stay on top of things, get on the mailing list at Postersandtoys.com.

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  1. Wow… this went nuts while I was sleeping.
    Congrats Tyler.

  2. Any idea as to when the posters and toys variant will go up? I think that is going to be my favorite of the three.

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