“Israel/Palestine” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

This has got to be Shepard Fairey’s most striking image in awhile.  “Israel/Palestine” will likely be an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 450 and a price of $45.  These will go up Thursday, March 19th at 12pm PST.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

52 Responses to ““Israel/Palestine” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. absolutely the best in a while. sure hope i can get one.

  2. Funny how some images just seem to hit. Great one.

  3. Def one of the best ones lately

  4. Definitely going to try to get this one. Nicely done.

  5. Love this one. It’s going to be so expensive through resellers –yet I have no confidence I will make it through paypal:(

  6. this is really solid. i don’t get it when people say he’s not an artist– art is about more than fancy line work or brush strokes (though I like me some fancy line work and brush strokes!)

  7. I hope this goes smooth… I haven’t gotten through in a while.

  8. Gonna be a crapshoot.

  9. Sweet Japanese curtains.

  10. i will only buy if beefloaf buys

  11. i want this one bad.

  12. I love it! For some reason, I’ve not been able to get through paypal… once I get through paypal and get back to the OBEY site, it says sold out. Is there a secret trick I’m missing or something? I could really use some help!

  13. How much do you think “Buy It Now” will on ebay will cost? I hope not more than $300. I would buy this for $200-250. LOVE it. I’m going to try to get one direct from obeygiant but I NEVER get the product. * tears *

  14. If i dont get this the only way i will be able to take the focus off the pain brought on by the crushing disapointment is to cut my ear off with a rusty bread knife. I hope this knowledge puts some of you off going for it ,making it much easier for me .
    Good luck though if you are hard hearted enough to go for this despite knowing the pain it will cause me if i lose out.

  15. I posted comment above in the wrong thread, it was meant to be in the Tyler Stout — Big lebowski thread, I got one so i’m still in stereo. I wore my impact reducing padded finger F5 glove, took away some of the repetative strain.


  17. wowza. i will have to miss school to get this. i hope my mom lets me

  18. I aint gonna start now.

  19. i got a final at 12. FML. Of course, some obey prints have taken me over an hour before i could check out so maybe i’ll still have a shot when i get back.

  20. Sorry guys…since Beefloaf is buying one, I am going to buy one too

  21. What kind of class starts at 12? Aren’t classes usually off 12-1?

  22. i tried to get my mom to let me miss school yesterday. she said no =[

  23. so it’s true! Beefloaf is buying one.
    sounds common

  24. if I don’t get this print I’ll poop my pants

  25. I am trying for this !

  26. Where will it show up when it goes on sale? In the prints section of the Obey Store?

  27. my mom let me miss my freshman high school science test. to get this =]]

    i had to go to a “doctors appointment”

  28. the site sucks. item didn’t get listed til 25 past 3. slower then crap and then, i get it in my shopping cart select payment method and it crashes.
    Even filled in Paypal info. I hate tools who want to grab stuff just to throw it on ebay.

  29. ya it came one way after it was suppose too

  30. I got mine- keep at it even through the checkout crashes- keep reloading the pages. Once you have it in your cart, you just have to wait out the server load.

  31. Crashed after I got through paypal back to the obey site, but took the money out. I see the transaction. Crossing my fingers… That ever happen to anyone else?

  32. ahhh…finally, I can’t believe I actually got one, I hit the refresh button atleat a million times. Very frustrating when you get all the way to the Paypal part and then it craps out like ceno said.

  33. let me know if anyone got it. I have to go obama is in Los Angeles.

  34. my order finally went through after an hour! the funny thing was i was able to purchase it through my iphone, but not my desktop.

  35. Ugh I’m on the VERY LAST step where you just gotta click that red confirm order box and it won’t go through. Class in 15 mins.

  36. Literally stuck in limbo. Seems like their servers have crashed. Like I said, I actally was able to get one in my cart and click Paypal as payment method. I then verified info. All of that took 20 min. Now I’m just stuck. I actually love this image. I get to see it every morning when I look out my window, because I live in front of the billboard he put it on. It will be gone soon and I’d love to have it on my wall. Too bad I probably wont get the chance…

  37. There’s hope. It took about 45 minutes to get from the “in my cart” page to the confirmation page. Keep refreshing — it should go through.

  38. yup…out of stock

  39. I guess my fault for perhaps using paypal.

  40. already on ebay for $400.00


  42. @#$# Obey. Their stupid site blows. Why bother trying? I’m like 1 for 7 or 8. Tired of this sh#t.

  43. God, I’m sick of this every week!
    I’m starting a letter writing campaign for a Faile style Obey lottery!
    Let Shep know how ridiculous this has gotten by posting here: http://obeygiant.com/contact

    My Message;
    Hey Shep,

    Why don’t you introduce a raffle/lottery system for your print releases, same as “faile” does? (SEE: http://faile.net/store/item.php?id=918960229#)

    Have you any idea how frustrating it is spending over a hour trying to get through to your site on release days, experiencing constantly dropped connections, clicking to place an item in the cart only to have the entire page disappear, etc, etc.

    C’mon, lets have some fairness here! Don’t make us jump thru’ hoops.

    Cheers, Paul

  44. LOL some of the ones on ebay have already sold.

  45. I didn’t see how to pay with anything other than paypal. Anyway, didn’t “score” –even got to the “submit” on obey but then it froze, had to reload, and it was out of stock. :(

  46. I couldnt get all the way through to confirmation on my mac, but i kept trying on my iphone and it went through…. F-yea

  47. I’m hoping that even though this one is super nice, the price falls a bit. I don’t want to pay more than $200-250 for it, ever, …not today, not in 5 years. I got an ’03 Fairey/Obey print for about $250 a few months back (the following week someone bought the same print for $600 and it’s now going for $899. I just had good timing and bidding strategy (thank you ebaycountdown)).

    I mean, there are 450 out there so it’s not so rare it’ll never been sold again down the line when hopefully folks are less eager for this specific print.

  48. I made it all the way to checkout page where you’re asked to confirm your order and submit it. It took me forever but I finally got it to go through and I was taken to the invoice page where I was given my order #. Later I got a confirmation from paypal. however i still haven’t received my confirmation email from the obey giant store. now i’m worried i’m not going to get a print. has anyone else experienced this?

  49. what print was it?

  50. jovz80 – when it’s super-busy and the site is crashing a lot, i never get the confirmation email from the obey store. don’t worry, you’ll get the print.

  51. oryx – you’re right. i just got my UPS confirm today. i’ll be receiving the print tomorrow. good to know for future occasions, thanks.

  52. I guess I can say it now–I used 2 computers to try an get this print (I wanted it bad). It was obvious that after 15 minutes they were slowly dripping these out, I assume, to give more people a chance at getting it. I got through PayPal but never got a confirmation screen. All of the sudden , after working the screens for 45 minutes, I got TWO emails from PayPal. I got TWO prints, one off each computer!!
    Too bad yesterday I got a refund on 1 of them–thought they might have missed it!
    I have to admit too, I think a lottery system would be nice–but if you don’t make it onto the list for that particular print, you don’t get a chance at all. I’m not sure I’d want that. I would like it if they had a more powerful system set up so when it goes into your bucket, it’s yours unless you get messed up in PayPal or something. First come first served.
    My 02 cents…

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