Leia Bell Show in Charleston, West Virginia

Just got news of an awesome upcoming Leia Bell show in West Virginia.  “Bears, Birds, and Buildings”, curated by MarshHouse, will open on April 17th at 5:30pm.  Leia herself will be in attendance, plus there will be a number of original paintings and drawings available.  The show will take place at Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery, which is located at 221 Hale St. in Charleston.  For more info, keep an eye on the MarshHouse Blog.

2 Responses to “Leia Bell Show in Charleston, West Virginia”

  1. Thanks, Mitch!!!

    We hope some of you fine folks will be able to come and visit.

    Leia says she’s bringing some older prints which are loooong gone elsewhere.

    We look forward to seeing everyone!

  2. I only knew Leia’s work by that Obama picture she did, which I wasn’t really into. But the stuff at Marshhouse looks excellent, really liking it…

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