“Dirty Money” Set by Dan Springer

If you hurry, you just may be able to score one of these sets by Dan Springer.  “Dirty Money” includes three 4″ x 4″ dollar bill and paint collages on wood.  They were produced in a tiny edition of 10 and only cost $60.  Oh yeah, you also get the signed dollar bill that he used for your collages.  These are probably just about gone, so visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

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  1. sexy and clever

  2. Cheers Mitch! I’ve been on a buying hold, trying to save my pennies for that elusive Horkey letterpress set, but I just couldn’t pass this one up. These are totally friggin awesome!

  3. wow, $1 turns into $60

    ok well… considering the price of the ink and paper used, maybe $5 at most

  4. I bought. I can’t explain why I love this –and as a woman, I feel like I am supposed to be offended. I might change my mind tomorrow, but with an edition of 10, I was afraid they’d be long gone!

  5. I don’t think you’ll regret this buy June 🙂

  6. i really like this, this is a great idea for some diy projects

  7. Dude, you realize these are originals right, not prints? How much do you think the average painting or print COSTS to make? That’s not really the point, it’s about the artistic talent involved.

  8. Refunded:(

  9. as a woman i wish i looked more like her.

  10. He does know it is a federal crime to cut out dollar bills, right?

  11. Not if you pay taxes during a depression =)

  12. this is outstanding. I’m completely disappointed that i missed it.

  13. Dan’s Canadian.

    I doubt he cares if he’s violated US laws.

    Awesome job on the set .

  14. The dollars not worth that much anymore to a Canadian – Economically I think he used the correct currency !
    I saw them and sad to say I couldn’t press buy – things be that bad !!

  15. i’m always late.

  16. Clever!

  17. anybody know where these can be found now?!?! love it.

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