“Rocket House” Art Print by Scott Campbell

Thanks to Josh Creep’s SF Weekly column, I was able to find this amazing new art print by Scott Campbell.  “Rocket House” is a 12″ x 19″ giclee with an open edition for only $35.  There are tons of awesome detail shots on the website, so be sure to visit GalleryNucleus.com.

5 Responses to ““Rocket House” Art Print by Scott Campbell”

  1. i love his work

  2. Love this. Reminds me of those crazy cross section pics in ads for 50’s bomb shelters from National Geographic. Awesome work.

  3. This is so awesome! so glad he made it into a print.

  4. Very Cool I picked this up. I hope with a 12×19 you can still see all the details I think this painting was meant to be large like the original

  5. Everything he does rules. Cliff Ogres is the greatest print in the world.

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