“Guerilla One” Poster by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey returns to form stylistically with this new poster for graffiti site Guerilla One and The Seventh Letter Crew.  There’s not a whole lot of info out there about the price or edition, but you can be sure it will be an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  It is scheduled to drop on Thursday, March 12th at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

29 Responses to ““Guerilla One” Poster by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. i hate correlations

  2. Hello DJ Shadow. Haven’t seen you in several years.

  3. you hate correlations?

  4. he probably meant collaborations


  6. Man, beefloaf is like a handicapped second cousin who pops up at family reunions…

    P.S. I have nothing against Fairey, but I don’t like the image in this print.

  7. I actually like this, kind of art deco like…

  8. i’m not a huge fan of the ads

  9. I’m going to try for this one. Going 2 for 7 wouldn’t be too bad, right?
    I’m curious if anyone has found a pattern to his release times. Is any particular time used more than others? I’ve seen 2PM CST a few times but has anyone kept track?

  10. like it –

  11. eh. does anybody appreciate anything but the same old shit? does anyone really think this guy is evolving or even changing or doing anything but the same old played out shit? ok so this wasnt as lame as illustrator-ing a photo, but dude, what’s new

  12. HAHA when i saw this i realised, WAIT! thats the wrong word
    oh well, and yes thats what i meant MATT i hate the advertising, its so cheap looking.

  13. by the way i said correlation because im listening to this anberlin song and it says this is a correlation of salvation and love, so i thought i would be stylish and say that
    =] babahh

  14. The rope/wire holding up the G-Bar is totally off. Why is it rectangular if the “G” has an extra side to it. Should be like this

    \ __

    I think that’s just lazy design.

  15. Solid work from Shep as usual, if you are a fan of what he does, you won’t be let down. I kinda agree with Billy a bit. Shep just did the retrospective, now is the time to step up the game a bit, evolve, experiment and switch things up a little bit…try some new stuff. Make the next retrospective show a evolution. That is my thought but then again he has millions and I don’t…he must be doing something right.

  16. @Tom W.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a “G1” bar– or if you wanna be crazy, a “G.1” bar.

    It’s for Guerilla One. See here in the states, “1” is the same as “One”. It’s not lazy design, it’s just lazy, albeit, reactionary viewer.

  17. Billy I couldn’t agree more. But as long as these things have his name on them, the majority won’t care, they’ll eat it up because the ‘Obama Guy’ made them and hope in 5 years these things will appreciate in value.

  18. @Tom W.

    My apologies, I see now what you are saying. Color me, “lazy viewer”…


  19. I actually like it because it is old school. I’m not of fan of peace princess, love godess, etc.

  20. Though, to take the whole thing a step further, the whole scenario is a physical impossibility, so I think the argument is moot…

  21. are all the releases at 11 wst???

  22. The only thing my eye focuses on is how far up on the beam the rope is and how much longer it looks in back.

  23. I agree with all the comments that things are off but still I will give the poster a try. I was able to buy only one print from Shep and I tried many times. Every time his crappy site messes everything up. If you don;t like the print dont buy – it will make things easier for me 😀

  24. Just buy it, frame it and love it! Click Clack!!

  25. sold out??

  26. Shocker! Got it!!
    Now 2 for 7. Was plugged in at 1:08PM CST

  27. wow step away and gone


  29. Shepard Fairey’s artwork was first noticed in the streets all over the U.S. by GuerillaOne.com’s founder, Eddie Donaldson, while touring with House of Pain in the late 90’s. Soon after, Roger Gastman of Swindle introduced Eddie to Shepard and the two became friends based on a mutual respect for each other’s street activities. This led to a long-standing relationship and numerous creative collaborations including the Free GKAE poster, created by Shepard and Casey Zoltan from The Seventh Letter, to raise funds for GKAE’s legal fees.

    This current project was created to symbolize both strength in numbers and unity by way of collaboration. The Seventh Letter, Obey Giant, and GuerillaOne.com have all stood individually and collectively as pillars in the graffiti and street art scene domestically and internationally. The three will continue to support street art by creating platforms that encourage and inspire millions of artists worldwide.

    ” I have always rolled with G1 and Shepard through thick and thin and will always have their backs forever on a street and professional level”.”
    -Casey EKLIPS Zoltan

    “When we started doing graffiti, putting up stickers we had no idea the places it would take us, and no matter where we go from here we will stay loyal to those who have helped us get there.”
    -Eddie Donaldson

    “ I met Eddie and Casey in the late 90’s around the time I started coming from San Diego to LA to put up posters. Casey’s Seventh Letter Crew had all the best graffiti spots, and Eddie was promoting the scene through his website Guerilla One, and promoting the website through obsessive sticker bombing. I’ve met too many cool people to name through these guys and it is always a pleasure to work with them. I’d say “stay up”, but they need no reminder.”
    -Shepard Fairey

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