New Obey Art Print: “Japanese Fabric Pattern Set (Red/Black Version)” Onsale Info

Here we go again, folks.  Obey Giant will release Shepard Fairey’s “Japanese Fabric Pattern” set of art prints tomorrow in a new red and black edition.  They are each 18″ x 18″ screenprints, have editions of 100 (if it’s like the others), and the price will be $120 for the set.  These drop tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th) at 11am PST.  Visit

23 Responses to “New Obey Art Print: “Japanese Fabric Pattern Set (Red/Black Version)” Onsale Info”

  1. oh boy

  2. $120 for the set

  3. Missed the last release. hopefully i can snag this set got a Bare wall that needs some luv.

  4. Not sure that I don’t prefer the creme –but I missed that, so perhaps this will do.

  5. very, very dull. I will take collage girl and proof over this any day..

  6. I’m going to try to get these but I’m 1 for 5 now so the odds just aren’t good….

  7. I got the last set and hope I get this set also! Would look great mixed together.

  8. I couldn’t even load the store page with the previous set. Will give this one a try

  9. id try to get it. but i have school =[ i was 2 for 4 on the duality of humanity

  10. Sold out!

  11. again….no luck

  12. Had them in the cart, but never got to purchase. Bummer.

  13. Got all the way to the Continue screen on PayPal, then, out to lunch….

  14. dude..

    that was the stupidest drop ever!!! fuck this shit..

  15. I don’t understand how 300 sets of these prints can sell out within 15 minutes, and I can’t even make it to the shopping cart section. I’m running a G4 Powerbook, 2 different browsers… this shit is a conspiracy or there is a different way of going about it, whatever the trick is.. i’m not knowing!

  16. same boat…..”Continue screen on PayPal, then”……
    something similar happened with the Dilla print….
    I checked out the site at 5pm and it was back up….
    maybe the overload is still crashing the crappy merchant obey has????

  17. it is crashing, and honestly I’m sick ot this shit. No matter how you try it is always the same. Frustrating.

  18. I love Shepard Fairey’s work but I don’t even bother to try for prints anymore on the Obey site.

  19. I think it was an edition of 100, no?

  20. Not a huge fan of Shepard’s work but I did like this so I tried, and nothing. Extremely frustrating.

  21. When did the black set go up? Somehow missed that one too. Three strikes, I’m out.

  22. to paypal twice but never back to obey – no dice

  23. not a fan of these pattern prints so i never attempted it, but obey really needs to find a solution to this problem of people jamming up their site. it’s a hard fix but alot of people are getting screwed over it seems.

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