New Dan McCarthy Art Print: “the house of Edward Gorey”

Dan McCarthy continues his art print dominance this month with another stunner.  “the house of Edward Gorey” is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, (probably) has an edition of 600, and is $40.  Grab one at

8 Responses to “New Dan McCarthy Art Print: “the house of Edward Gorey””

  1. Pretty sweet, glad i got the sub…….but there better be a dino in the near future

  2. whoa, peanut butter AND chocolate? awesome.

  3. isn’t this like dan’s 3rd or 4th print with a house with one light on? it’s cool, just sayin.

  4. This is one of, if not my favorite Dan McCarthy print

  5. Like it, but, it looks so real, I want it to be my house instead… and since it’s not, I didn’t buy. Weird huh?

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  7. Edward Gorey House website
    Elephant House (wikipedia)


    the house *is* real…

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