2009 Grails Mini-Tour Series (Onsale Info)

The time has finally come, Postersandtoys.com will release the 2009 Grails Mini-Tour Series later today.  The first drop will be a handful of three poster sets (Horkey, Danger, D’Andrea).  10 random sets will include a rare variant.  These go up today (Wednesday, March 4th) at a random time in the afternoon (CST).  The second drop will include any leftover single posters (probably just some Horkeys and maybe a few Dangers).  That will take place tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th) at a random time in the afternoon (CST).  For more info, visit Postersandtoys.com.

EDIT: The Sets Are Sold Out!

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  1. They certainly could be. The funny thing is I left for work ( a twenty minute trip) and I knew I’d miss it again. Same story as yesterday. Such is life I guess.

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