2009 Grails Mini-Tour Series (Onsale Info)

The time has finally come, Postersandtoys.com will release the 2009 Grails Mini-Tour Series later today.  The first drop will be a handful of three poster sets (Horkey, Danger, D’Andrea).  10 random sets will include a rare variant.  These go up today (Wednesday, March 4th) at a random time in the afternoon (CST).  The second drop will include any leftover single posters (probably just some Horkeys and maybe a few Dangers).  That will take place tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th) at a random time in the afternoon (CST).  For more info, visit Postersandtoys.com.

EDIT: The Sets Are Sold Out!

21 Responses to “2009 Grails Mini-Tour Series (Onsale Info)”

  1. any idea regarding prices yet?

  2. I hope I can snag that Horkey Thursday.

  3. awesome.

  4. are there any undamaged Daniel Danger prints out there? or is the whole run damaged

  5. DD keeps steppin’ his game up.

  6. from the description it sounds like the whole run of dd prints are damaged

  7. they are up

  8. score!

  9. ….and sold out

  10. sha-zam….that was fast.
    Checked the site, not up.
    Went a made a sandwich, came back and SOLD OUT!

    Not in the budget anyway ;>(
    Nice set for sure, congrats to all who scored-
    Looking forward to catching a glimpse of the variants

  11. Extremely fast.
    Luckily I was fast enough to get the set. :o)
    I have no doubt that the prints will be worth it.

  12. @ greasy

    glad you got one!

    I picked a set up too. now, I have to decide whether to unload my burlesque…

  13. I leave for a half an hour and this is what happens. That’ll learn me. Glad I get another shot at Horkey tomorrow.

  14. Did not get the Burlesque edition.

    I’m from Denmark and the time difference makes it a bit difficult to be there at the right time.

    Guess I was quite lucky. Had to restart my computer only a few minutes before the set was up for sale.
    I would keep the Burlesque edition as well if I was you.. unless you need the money off course!!

  15. @prometheus

    Yeah, I’m thinking I will since I just got my tax return. Maybe I can make a good trade down the line.

  16. Good idea Colin.

    Impossible to lose money on a Horkey.

  17. Please tell me you are not waiting to drop the individuals until the Obey drop today–that’s just mean.

  18. scored!!!! individual ones are sold out also…

  19. TWICE!!!!! I MISSED IT F***KING TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I feel ya Jason. I missed out both days too buddy. I’m willing to bet things could be a whole lot worse for both of us, if that’s any consolation at all.

  21. They certainly could be. The funny thing is I left for work ( a twenty minute trip) and I knew I’d miss it again. Same story as yesterday. Such is life I guess.

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