Daniel Danger Art Prints Available

Richard Goodall Gallery has released the art prints and originals that are leftover from Daniel Danger’s UK exhibition.  Before you jump to any conclusions, Daniel and RGG agreed on the prices together, so you won’t see any huge, deep discounts in the US from Daniel anytime soon.  If you’re in Europe, these are for sure the way to go.  Check everything out at RichardGoodallGallery.com.

12 Responses to “Daniel Danger Art Prints Available”

  1. Love some of dd’s new work just think his prints r a little on the high side glad I bought when the prices were lower. …

  2. i’m not going to bitch about prices. artists and galleries can price things however they want. but, in this economy, it sure put these prints out of my reach. they’re nice, though. i hope DD does well on them.

  3. I was going to go to the opening but when I heard the price of prints I decided not to bother. £175 for the one I wanted (“Latchkey”), is beyond me by quite a margin. “There is nothing out there, I do not here what you here” only cost me £50 and that was on eBay.

    Sorry Daniel, would have loved to added my collection of yours, but I think your price point is now beyond me.

  4. I am going to bitch: too expensive.

  5. Agreed. Think they priced themselves out of the market.

  6. I don’t know whether I think they are overpriced. I personally think this is some of the best Danger work ever and worth every penny (or pound). I just know I can’t afford it.

  7. FWIW, personally it boils down to art/prints you buy to keep and art/prints you buy as an investment. The “Lock and Key…” print above is one of the most awesome things I think I’ve ever seen– and i haven’t even seen it in person yet. For me, $250 isn’t a crazy amount to spend on something that I want to keep long term. You can spend that much on a descent sized reproduction of just about any art piece (and that will be a digital print). Now, if I was buying it as an investment, I wouldn’t want to spend that much on it b/c there really isn’t much room for growth in the near future (or, at least, it’s a huge gamble…)

    Anyhow, maybe some day my great, great, grandkids can make a fast buck…. selfish jerks.

  8. I love “latchkey” but cant stretch to £175. But for a print of this size , by a collectable/desirable artist, in the uk bought from a gallery its not too badly priced. Suppose theres alot of cost involved in getting daniel and his work to the uk etc plus the costs and profit that RGG gallery want out of it on top . Just hope these pricesare not going to be the norm for daniels work or i’m afraid he’s another artist that has become too expensive for me to collect. 95 % of all the art i buy is from america even with the terrible exchange rate and shipping its still better value than buying from the uk. RGG gallery have always been on the pricey side but running a gallery in city centre manchester cant be cheap , nothing is in the uk .

  9. the Intaglio prints at £250 are a steal IMO

  10. only 10 of each intaglio btw

  11. His new prints are some of his most amazing work. Unfortunately, I do think it will be overpriced for a lot of people. Viewing the Richard Goodall Gallery web store, you will notice that a lot of their stuff is double the price of other stores that sell Daniel Danger’s pieces.

  12. While I wish, for selfish reasons that I could afford to buy more of dd’s work at these prices, I think we can thank all the a-holes that buy from him directly and immediately turn it over on eBay at 150% mark-up for the increases. All that aside, dd totally deserves to make this kinda scratch on his direct sales while cutting out the eBay jackasses. His work is superb and worth every penny.

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