Some Aaron Horkey Internet Finds…

My good friend Decker3984 from Expressobeans hyped me to two really great Aaron Horkey-realted finds on the internet.  First and foremost, you can score a copy of an awesome zine that Aaron worked on many years ago.  I don’t have a whole lot of info about what is actually inside “Sea of Seed 4”, but Mr. Horkey did the cover, which is a gocco print made in his hometown of Windom, MN.  It is limited to 200, and at only $5, this is a steal.  Visit the Fellowship of Tim Store.

Secondly, looks like Init Records has released their remaining copies of Aaron’s Init Fest poster from last year.  These are the embossed show copies, limited to only 68.  $50 gets you one.  Visit the Init Records Store.

14 Responses to “Some Aaron Horkey Internet Finds…”

  1. Doesn’t ship to the UK……..shit.

  2. Who? Sea of Seed or Init?

  3. Init

  4. I didn’t even notice.

  5. Both gone.

  6. @Jeremy

    Did you get refunded for the ‘zine or something? I was able to order one (or so it would seem)

  7. Horkey has some good stuff, it’s just to bad he doesnt do any work for any bands that don’t suck. He really should just do more art prints.

  8. if you buy the zine don’t read the aye jay interview. That dude is full of shit.

  9. LOL

  10. Thanks Decker!!!!

  11. I just found these horkey prints at It is the Isis in both East Coast and West Coast colorways. They are having a sale right now!!!

  12. @ Colin

    Weird, last night when i checked the link it said “not in stock” now it just let me grab one.

  13. Thomas, I actually have those also:

  14. i bought the sea of seed and missed the other one. i hope he ships to europe. it ddidn’t ssaid otherwise and my paypal came right through.

    this looks mighty fine. wow, a 2004 horkey for $5 a piece. incredible..

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