“To Serve And Protect” Triptych by Tony Clough

Tony Clough, a printer from Modern Multiples Studio, has created this awesome set of three art prints for Jetset Graffiti.  The “To Serve and Protect” triptych consists of three 15″ x 15″ screenprints, has an edition of only 15, and is $150.  Visit JetsetGraffiti.com.

Also, if you’ve got some serious dough to spend, Jetset has some of Shepard Fairey’s large format HPM’s for sale.  Check them out at JetsetGraffiti.com.

11 Responses to ““To Serve And Protect” Triptych by Tony Clough”

  1. wow! that’s sooper dooper pathetic. it’s not like the idea of re-using the ipod advertisement hasn’t been done by like 100 other artists already, right? go team.

  2. I’d have to agree fully with iratasan. Pretty overdone. Still makes me chuckle though.

  3. Why don’t you cry about it, iratasan?


  4. Its overdone, plus not ALL cops are assholes.


  6. not all cops are assholes… but only enough to prevent generalization

  7. tired

  8. ok delta, if you insist: damn, this is lamer than figure skaters clothes.

  9. my next print series:


  10. I wish I had been into collecting prints around when “iNeed” was released from souledoutstudios. As for this, I agree: meh.

  11. hpm’s are pretty sweet. i wish i had 5 grand laying around.

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