“Momento Mori” Mini Art Print Set by J.R. Goldberg

J.R. Goldberg, who I found at about at Creep Machine, just released this awesome set of mini art prints based on mortality.  “Momento Mori” includes nine 3.5″ x 5.5″ offset prints, has an edition of 200, and is $45.  Visit Goldberg’s Etsy Shop.

5 Responses to ““Momento Mori” Mini Art Print Set by J.R. Goldberg”

  1. PRetty strange, my girlfriends dance company had a show calle “Momento Mori.”

    Maybe I’ll buy them for her. They look awesome.

  2. These look so dope. I gotta get these for sure.

  3. These are dope but , im 99.9 percent sure that it should be “memento mori”… I have a 3/4 sleeve tattoo based on the concepts of memento mori.. so i think I know, maybe that spelling is accepted as ‘momento’ as well.. not really sure. Although besides that these prints are sick.

  4. kind of looks kinseyish to me

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