Mars-1 at Jonathan Levine Gallery (Pictures!)

If you can’t tell by now, I really, really like Mars-1.  The Arrested Motion crew was (of course) at the opening of his new show at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC.  This new work is just great, and lucky for us, they took a ton of photos.  There are also some shots of Nuoar’s work, who is showing at the same gallery.  Check everything out at

6 Responses to “Mars-1 at Jonathan Levine Gallery (Pictures!)”

  1. Having never been too interested in MAR-1 prints, I can certainly see the appeal of these originals. Really beautiful work.

  2. Siiiiiiick.

    Mars-1 does it again!

  3. Amazing that someone out there isn’t painting cute bunnies or making band posters!

  4. Love the colors they get me every time

  5. Or dude posters

  6. Tara is hot!

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