Beastie Boys Art Prints by Visual Technicians

Jeff Boyles of Visual Technicians has a few copies of his Beastie Boys art print set left, but you’d better hurry.  This is a set of three 14.5″ x 14.5″ screenprints, has an edition 44, and costs $75.  Grab a set at

9 Responses to “Beastie Boys Art Prints by Visual Technicians”

  1. I want a Money Mark print !

  2. Buck 65

  3. Pics of the green set on EB sold me. Can’t wait to see these, Jeff!

  4. Sold out–damn it!

    If anyone bought to flip, respond in this thread and lets work out a deal over at ebeans. Cheers.

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  6. Those don’t look anything like what Shepard Fairey might produce!

  7. These are rougher than what Fairey would produce and he doesn’t do background collage elements in this manner. I think these look pretty sweet.

  8. i love it. i’ve been hoping for a reprint of those since friggin 2006, thanks jeff. 😀

  9. hi matt,

    i am not sure yet, but i might trade my double if you got one of my ISOs if yer interested. what’s your EB name?

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