Shepard Fairey Billboards in Boston

Shepard Fairey was able to get artwork up on a number of billboards across Boston recently.  I can’t really tell if these are sponsored by Clear Channel, or if he’s bombing over their stuff.  Here are some photos, courtesy of Juxtapoz.

Also, for those that just can’t get enough of Shepard Fairey on TV, the man himself was on yesterday’s CBS Sunday Morning News.  It’s a beefy 8 minute national feature, doesn’t get any bigger than that.  Fans will enjoy this, and a number of interesting points are touched on.  2009 is clearly the year of Shep’s face all over your television set.

6 Responses to “Shepard Fairey Billboards in Boston”

  1. thanks clear channel! represent individualness!

  2. I think you’ll find Clear Channel is the owner of the billboards. Shep probably purchased the space.

  3. Wow, that top billboard looks amazing though…

  4. I live directly across the street from the top one. It is absolutely amazing. It appears to be made of a tarp like material, not his normal stuff. Its professionally stretched and tied down. He clearly bought the space. He has a significantly larger one at Boston’s Gov. Center right on the side of city hall. It’s strung up with ropes etc. right on the side of the building.

  5. I guess its also possible the gallery bought the space.

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