OMGPosters Turns Two Years Old!!

I forgot to mention this earlier, but the site officially turned two years old on February 14th, 2009.  Hard to believe that in just two short years we’ve published over 2,000 posts and amassed thousands of daily visitors.  I know I say this all the time, but thank you sooo much to all of the readers and sponsors, you truly make this an enjoyable experience.  Happy Birthday To Us!!

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  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the good thinks you make me discover.

    Wish you continue for a looooooooooong time.

  2. happy birthday OMG! kickass job you’re doing. thanks!

  3. Congratulations, I hope for many more years to come!!

  4. Right on.

  5. Congrats, its killer that you have been going for so long. I takes so much work to run a site like this.

    Looking forward to many more years

  6. Happy Birthday and congrats!

  7. Live long and prosper

    great job :-)

  8. Happy birthday to the coolest kid on the block!

  9. Happy B

  10. congrats Mitch!

  11. Congrats! Love the site– thank you too!

  12. happy b-day OMG! best site ever

  13. happy birthday, OMG!

  14. thanks for pointing me in the direction of some mighty prints- and for setting up OMG vinyl!

  15. You have been a daily read over the past two years. Keep it up

  16. WOOOT —congratsOMG— a cupcake is in the mail

  17. congratulations. i was introduced to OMGP earlier this year and i check it daily. you have excellent taste and/or lucky connections : everything that ends up here is so impressive & inspirational to an art fan like myself. keep up the good work.

  18. Congratulations. A big thanks to you Mitch for all the help and making us all go a little more broke on our poster addictions!

  19. Aye – Thanks Mitch – great site, informative, and great taste in art !
    Well done.

  20. Awesome. I turn to a two-year-old to get my fix. Youngest pusher ever. Anyway, I won’t keep you – Yo Gabba Gabba! is on – Happy Birthday, little guy!

  21. Here is to many more, Congrats!

  22. Happy birthday! [insert witty remark here]

  23. congratulations, one of my top 5 sites.

  24. Congrats! This is always the first site I go to to find out what everyone is coming out with!

    Many thanks!

  25. Kudos on a site well done.

  26. Great job Mitch, a strong two years so far. Thanks for your help with some of my stuff and everyone else.

  27. woot!

  28. Congrats on a top notch site that delivers great news to art lovers,,, Cheers

  29. Congrats!

  30. Happy Birthday! … Keep going this Amazing site!!!

  31. Happy bday :-)

  32. Congrats! This is the ony blog I follow (daily!).
    Keep up the great work, well appreciated. Through OMGPosters I purchased quite some cool prints :-)

  33. Happpppppppppppy birthday anniversary. You took a small collecting enjoyment and turned it into a habit. My framer thanks you. I also discovered expressobeans through here and learned not to store in tubes. Thanks for growing me up.

  34. happy birthday! many more years of high-quality information dissemination

  35. Congrats!!!!

  36. You rock Mitch! We love your site and appreciate all that you do for The Faded Line!

  37. Great Site enjoy the birthday, Cheers


  39. Happy Birthday Yall!!

  40. Besides the number of posts, think about how much $$ you’ve directed towards great art in 2 years.

    Thanks for the site! Congrats!!

  41. Mitch rules. Happy Birthday OMG!

  42. Belated Birthday Best to OMG!

    We can haz burfday kayke now?

    Here’s to many more monumental moments and musings!

  43. Thanks!

  44. Great work.

  45. Great Job!

  46. jennifer c, on February 23rd, 2009 at 12:23 pm Said:
    Happpppppppppppy birthday anniversary. You took a small collecting enjoyment and turned it into a habit. My framer thanks you. I also discovered expressobeans through here and learned not to store in tubes. Thanks for growing me up.


  47. Keep up the good work Mitch!

  48. Happy b-day!!! keep it up!!!

  49. yeah, congrats on a great site and 2 years of delivering great content, and seriously damaging my credit card… long may it continue.

  50. Congrats! Keep up the great work!

  51. Congrats! Thanks for putting together such a fun site.

  52. Happy Burfday and thanks for such a great site!

  53. Happy B-Day I visit everyday to get all the updates. Love this site

  54. HAPPY B-DAY! and many more… on channel 4…. and scooby doo…. on channel 2…. and all the rest….. on cbs……

  55. Congrats Mitch, keep up the fantastic work!

  56. Wow! Just 2 years? Fantastic work Mitch.
    You should do a back through the years highlight blog. :)

  57. Happy b-day OMG. I have to thank you guys for all the print release info. It has allowed me to be a step ahead of other collectors. Thanks again!!!

  58. Congrats! Happy birthday, and many, many thanks for turning me onto so many new artists and new ideas.

  59. I bought you trick candles!


  61. Happy birthday :) Thanks for running this site for so long!

  62. Not much I can add other than this site is so good it ruins marriages…

  63. Congratulation!

    Keep up the good work:)

  64. keep it up dude.

    i visit this site everyday

  65. keep on keepin on dude! your reputation is well deserved, here’s to another great 2 years.

  66. Happy birthday! Love this site. Thanks

  67. thumbs up

  68. You’re just a toddler! you got a great thing going here Mitch, thanks for the exposure.

  69. thanks for keeping us updated

  70. BigUP!

  71. Happy Birthday OMG! Thanks for pushing my love of art into the print world!

  72. Nice. Happy Belated Birthday to the coolest kid in school!!!

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