New Large Format Obey Art Prints

Jetset Graffiti was around to document the signing of four new large-format art prints by Shepard Fairey.  The set was created for Fairey’s Boston show, and word is that a portion of the edition should make it online at Obey Giant eventually.  They are all 30″ x 40″ screenprints with editions of 75.  The grapevine is also telling me these should retail at around $500 each.  I’ll tell you more as I know more.  Until then, enjoy the images and the video.  More info can be found at

Also, check out this commentary from The Colbert Report about the Associated Press X Shepard Fairey lawsuit.  He brings in the director of the Whitney Museum and a copyright lawyer to debate, and it actually gets quite informative (and of course funny).

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  1. Love what Lahoda is doing with JetSet Graffiti and these urban artist’s. Very well done. Great site! Can’t wait for the next video or print release…

  2. Jet Set is a scammer – avoid.

  3. Are we really gonna do this everytime there’s a Jetset related post? We get it, people think he’s a scammer, but other people seem to think he’s fine. The end.

  4. These are great !

  5. Why do people think he’s a scammer? What’s the 411?

  6. People got upset with him when he fronted the money to a bunch of poor Palestinians to by Banksy Gold Flag prints for them to make money off of Santa’s Ghetto 2007, and then there was a handful of Obama posters that got shipped incorrectly and arrived to people damaged last summer. But, as I understand it everyone was shipped a replacement and a FREE poster of the Camo-Clown Boy. I was among those people. I have since purchased a bunch of stuff from him; thousands of dollars, and I’ve always come out on top. Like, BIG-TIME. He’s probably given me a grand in free prints as of now. His bad-rep. is definitely not warranted in my book!

    He’s got a gallery in downtown LA, no studio even comes close to the quality of his print-making, he works with the best artist’s and I’ve never had a problem that wasn’t more than made right.

    Get over yourself, Dave Golden. You’ve posted this on how many blogs and how many posts now? I’d be embarassed if I were you. Sorry if you were one of us who got a damaged poster. That sucked at the time.

    Just for the record for people who were wondering…

  7. Hi Jed – Nice write up.
    We all make mistakes in life.
    I do.

  8. he keeled my pappy! revenge is mine!!!!

  9. Yes, we all make mistakes. I guess the important thing is to take responsibility and make them right…

  10. worst stuff i have seen from shep recently. those pieces remind me why i hate his pre 2007 stuff so much.

  11. I love em !
    I wont be trying for the rapper today – Each to there own style eh
    I love the Russian woodblock style, always have.

  12. Daniel Lahoda and Jetset Graffiti have a long history of unsavory business practices. go to and check out the pinned thread regarding his lawyer’s attempt to shut down free speech in Shepard’s largest collector community. Isn’t Graffiti about free speech and thought provocation ? Ironic.

  13. I went and read the posting on the giant as you said
    My understanding is

    So – Someone slagged his business off and kept attacking it – 2 web names mentioned.
    He was pissed off and wanted it removed.
    They removed it.

    Sounds like business to me my friend.


  15. If you want to be taken seriously here, why hide behind an anonymous name?

    I don’t want to get caught in the middle, but I know that I am among many who have quietly (until now) supported his business. After all, pretty much every print that he puts out there is sold out in a matter of minutes, if not hours…

    Sheesh! Let’s stick to the facts. If anything the dude should be respected for not letting the snotty kids on the forums drag him down. He just keeps pushing through… I’ve read it all on this guy. It’s not pretty, he’s been really beaten down! All I can say is that my experience has been anything but bad. (except for the one messed up poster that he originally sent, but made up for it.)

  16. They’re alright I guess. Probably wouldn’t hang them on my wall, but whatevs.

    I kinda wish he would start printing some of these larger format prints on more of a natural color stock. The yellowish stock kinda kills these for me.

  17. These are okay prints. Not my favorite color choices. Agree with roy.

    As for Jetset, I can only say in my experience, Daniel was great. I was among one of the mixups with the Obama print and he was really quick and generous to make things right. I’m with Jed on this one. Don’t believe the hype. Jetset is good folks.


  19. BTW, in case people are reading about the test print fiasco possibly involving Daniel from Jetset, here are some statements that were released today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about it at TheGiant, as I really don’t want to cover it here.

    “The large format test-prints where stolen from Richard Duardo’s Studio/Modern Multiples by an ex-assistant. Apparently he still had his key from when he worked there and came in when Richard was not around and stole the new-spread proofs. So if you guys hear any rumors that these where sold by Jet Set Graffiti/ Lahoda Fine Arts its a lie and the perpetrators are trying to use these people as scapegoats. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE.”- Shepard Fairey

    This is Richard Duardo from Modern Multiples. We have been working with Shepard for the past eight years printing many of his fine art editions. I am devastated to learn that one of my part-time employees is the source of the bootleg ICA Retro prints that we did for Shepard’s Boston Museum Show. Unbeknownst to me, he took the images on the newsprint we use to clean our screens and sold them. I’ve heard that Daniel Lahoda, of Jet-Set Grafitti, was accused of being the source of these prints and I want to clear his name and reputation! Daniel has been a loyal friend and client of Modern Multiples and would never do such a thing. Having been in business for over 30 years, this is the first breach of quality control we have ever experienced! I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been the unfortunate buyer of these utterly worthless proofing newsprints.


    Richard Duardo
    Modern Multiples, Inc.

  20. Daniel has stolen stuff from people on BMW forums, took $7K from a British guy then never shipped the print or returned the money, he left people hanging for months on the Abraham Obama prints then shipped them without the promised DVDs, he threatened to sue when people were merely stating facts, and now he’s posting under Duardo’s name for damage control (check the IP admins).

    Sure, some people like Jed may have had good experiences and ride his jock but there are enough sketchy dealings in his past to warrant caution.

  21. I wouldn’t purchase these because he’s a proven plagirist. Very unoriginal, in my opinion.

  22. LOL, this thread is pure comedy.

  23. The above post directly from Shepard Fairey and Richard Duardo was posted by an admin. of this site who has been in direct contact with the artist and the owner of the studio; Richard Duardo… How much more legitimate can you get?

    In my opinion, if you are willing to post such damaging accusations and not apply your real identity, then you are full of shit. You are a jealous hater who operates under the cover of darkness; no different than any other terrorist…

    Butch McSnutch, I don’t know what it is that drives you to take away from others accomplishments, but what you are doing here is wrong. It’s not informative, it’s not supporting the community or the artists or their hard work, and it’s not going to get you anywhere here or elsewhere.

  24. If some walls could speak, I bet this would be a whole lot more interesting. At least then we would probably get the truth.

  25. Shep is Jesus and Obama is God.

  26. LOL!
    Shep Flipper:
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages! Thanks

  27. “Manuel Olivera” links to LOL, classic!

    Another Daniel Lahoda false identity in a pathetic attempt at cleansing his bad rep.

    Google him for yourself folks, he’s been ripping people off on the internet for years.

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