New Large Format Obey Art Prints

Jetset Graffiti was around to document the signing of four new large-format art prints by Shepard Fairey.  The set was created for Fairey’s Boston show, and word is that a portion of the edition should make it online at Obey Giant eventually.  They are all 30″ x 40″ screenprints with editions of 75.  The grapevine is also telling me these should retail at around $500 each.  I’ll tell you more as I know more.  Until then, enjoy the images and the video.  More info can be found at

Also, check out this commentary from The Colbert Report about the Associated Press X Shepard Fairey lawsuit.  He brings in the director of the Whitney Museum and a copyright lawyer to debate, and it actually gets quite informative (and of course funny).

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  1. I wouldn’t purchase these because he’s a proven plagirist. Very unoriginal, in my opinion.

  2. LOL, this thread is pure comedy.

  3. The above post directly from Shepard Fairey and Richard Duardo was posted by an admin. of this site who has been in direct contact with the artist and the owner of the studio; Richard Duardo… How much more legitimate can you get?

    In my opinion, if you are willing to post such damaging accusations and not apply your real identity, then you are full of shit. You are a jealous hater who operates under the cover of darkness; no different than any other terrorist…

    Butch McSnutch, I don’t know what it is that drives you to take away from others accomplishments, but what you are doing here is wrong. It’s not informative, it’s not supporting the community or the artists or their hard work, and it’s not going to get you anywhere here or elsewhere.

  4. If some walls could speak, I bet this would be a whole lot more interesting. At least then we would probably get the truth.

  5. Shep is Jesus and Obama is God.

  6. LOL!
    Shep Flipper:
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages! Thanks

  7. “Manuel Olivera” links to LOL, classic!

    Another Daniel Lahoda false identity in a pathetic attempt at cleansing his bad rep.

    Google him for yourself folks, he’s been ripping people off on the internet for years.

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