New Obey Art Print: “Dilla”

I’ll be the first to go on record and say that I love this.  Shepard Fairey is paying homage to the late, legendary hip-hop producer Jay Dee (aka J-Dilla) with this new art print.  The proceeds will benefit Dilla’s mother, “Ma Dukes”, who has Lupus, the same disease that took Dilla himself.  The print, which is a collaboration with photographer B+, is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will be $55.  50 of the prints will be sold at a benefit concert, but the rest will go online tomorrow (Friday, February 20th) at noon PST.  To purchase, and for more info about the event, visit

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  1. they are all sold out. probably did not edit page to show sold out. it is friday, time for happy hour1

  2. Some were sold. people got confirmations. not sure why the buy button is there now since inventory == “0”. they have code u can read which wont allow u to add a print if inventory = 0, which makes sense, but why show the buy btn? odd.

  3. flippers can’t flip this… so many on ebay, but no one wants it for the cut-throat price.

    R.I.P. Dilla Dawg!!!

    ps: imma get this at the tribute show..

  4. $230 on ebay it’s sick Jay Dee died of Lupus and his Mom has the disease the money is supposed to go to his mothers recovery.

  5. OMG Punctuation!

  6. Common people do not support Shep. He’s a fake, educate yourself.

  7. Ugh, if I see that link one more time I’m gonna puke. GET OVER IT.

  8. Agreed
    Shep is sooooo fake that Bonhams are selling his pieces. Idiot GZyar.


    Really good urban art sale (re branded from street art as street art is free and urban art sells big)

    Good to see the originals and what prices they get – also allows one to dream a bit

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