New Obey Art Print: “Dilla”

I’ll be the first to go on record and say that I love this.  Shepard Fairey is paying homage to the late, legendary hip-hop producer Jay Dee (aka J-Dilla) with this new art print.  The proceeds will benefit Dilla’s mother, “Ma Dukes”, who has Lupus, the same disease that took Dilla himself.  The print, which is a collaboration with photographer B+, is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will be $55.  50 of the prints will be sold at a benefit concert, but the rest will go online tomorrow (Friday, February 20th) at noon PST.  To purchase, and for more info about the event, visit

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  1. fairey redeems himself after that awful print posted earlier

  2. Dilla plus B+ plus Shepard Fairey equals must have.

  3. wow I wish that if I waited tomorrow on the site, I would ACTUALLY get this print…this is the definition of cool.

  4. this looks good! a few quick release from shep lately. i just wish the site wouldnt be so annoyin and keep crashin


  6. Reminds me of Nikon Logo. Very cool nevertheless.
    Different style to a degree and I dig it.

  7. I have to get this love the late Jay Dee

  8. I can totally get behind this. Really nice.

  9. Release date has changed to today according to OG homepage.

  10. Changed back to tomorrow. Never mind.

  11. Now it’s back to 2/20. Looks like the store blew up real good.

  12. I think the date you’re looking at is for the Benefit Event…it looks like the online sale is still tomorrow.

  13. oops…redundant. sorry about that.

  14. RIP

    J Dilla

  15. why does the description up top say it will be a12 (pst) Drop…where is that information coming from ..?

    nice print by the way … ill be trying

  16. the drop time comes directly from

  17. hopefully the admin doesn’t mind me asking this here, but since there isn’t a forum on this site – hint hint, jump on it admin! – i was just wondering how you guys store your prints? i’m assuming most users here collect a bunch. hopefully the answer isn’t ‘i frame each one’ because if i were to have more than 10 or so prints in the future it just wouldn’t be cost effective for me.

  18. Before I got flatfiles, I used to use these:

    They’re really nice.

    Other people use mylar sleeves with backing board (expensive) or portfolios (too small).

  19. itoya 18x24s are decent

  20. Considering I’m usually an OBEY-hater, the fact that I love both the thought behind this print and the print itself is something…

  21. One of the best producer ever.

  22. […] New Obey Art Print: “Dilla” […]

  23. awww and i thought beef wasnt lame. poser fest 09! i want to be iconic too!

  24. When I connect…

    Error establishing a database connection

    screw it, it’s not worth the effort

  25. Got one – think – Did paypal and confirmed with paypal and just the last page froze which normally means its OK.
    Didn’t even want this one – typical. This is a folder save.

  26. i confirmed with paypal too but then when it went back to obey and I clicked submit is said the item out of stock

  27. That sucked!!! I hit submit and out of stock I hope Dilla fans got this print

  28. I got past PayPal too and after I hit continue, I got blown off. These are just getting too difficult to purchase. Very unhappy….

  29. If anyone wants to buy it from me on eBay, I will be putting it up after 3 PM.

  30. JW – If you have the patterns print I will do a cash and poster swap
    or anyone else here

  31. me too:

    If you have the patterns print I will do a cash and poster swap
    or anyone else here

  32. Stephen and Moog, why take a print away from someone that really wants it? I DONT understand that shit. I wanted that print because I’m a huge Dilla fan, and now I’m disappointed.

  33. And I’m not commenting on flippers in general…it just seems like this was a print you should have left alone.

  34. Archer – I want the Jap Set of prints.

    I couldn’t get them and they have risen in price.
    I bought this to store long term and at some point to release it so I can then consolidate cash and get the Jap prints.

    That’s why I bought it – You want this Shepard and I want another Shepard – We are in the same boat.

    I am not trying to be aloof – I am just pointing out my situation.

  35. I am just a big Dilla fan I don’t have much art. I remember the day he died and it was terribly sad I cannot find a better way to pay tribute to the legend than the Shepard Fairey print. I cannot believe I was just a few seconds away from having this and you already got talks of ebay when you have true fans that can’t have this print.

  36. JW
    The people here are great – try asking others that are selling on this site if they could sell to you directly ?
    I bought mine to store for a bit 1st and wait for the heat to come off the Jap prints but nothing ventured nothing lost – see if you can get one before it hits ebay.

  37. Matt,
    Check out good prices. always in stock. Good luck.

    I am an art poster newbie. i have been recently checking in on this site. Comments are entertaining and informative. Learned alot from all the comments/bantering. Props to OMGP.

  38. back up!!

  39. Well that’s strange.

  40. can’t get it into my cart must be something wrong with the site

  41. they are all sold out. probably did not edit page to show sold out. it is friday, time for happy hour1

  42. Some were sold. people got confirmations. not sure why the buy button is there now since inventory == “0”. they have code u can read which wont allow u to add a print if inventory = 0, which makes sense, but why show the buy btn? odd.

  43. flippers can’t flip this… so many on ebay, but no one wants it for the cut-throat price.

    R.I.P. Dilla Dawg!!!

    ps: imma get this at the tribute show..

  44. $230 on ebay it’s sick Jay Dee died of Lupus and his Mom has the disease the money is supposed to go to his mothers recovery.

  45. OMG Punctuation!

  46. Common people do not support Shep. He’s a fake, educate yourself.

  47. Ugh, if I see that link one more time I’m gonna puke. GET OVER IT.

  48. Agreed
    Shep is sooooo fake that Bonhams are selling his pieces. Idiot GZyar.


    Really good urban art sale (re branded from street art as street art is free and urban art sells big)

    Good to see the originals and what prices they get – also allows one to dream a bit

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