“New Mittens” Letterpress Art Print by Drew Millward

Letter Pressed and Drew Millward have teamed up again for a new art print.  “New Mittens” is a 5″ x 7″ letterpress print, has an edition of 30, and is only $15.  To preorder, visit the Letter Pressed Store.

10 Responses to ““New Mittens” Letterpress Art Print by Drew Millward”

  1. awesome!

  2. Sweet deal!

  3. So beautiful !!!

  4. snag!

  5. not signed though 🙁

  6. Don’t worry about it. My scrawl across the bottom would only ruin it.
    Really glad people like this one, it’s one of my favorite recent drawings.

  7. From Mark at Letter Pressed:

    Yeah, sorry about the lack of signature. But I am trying to cut back on production time and costs, especially when dealing with a foreign artist. And though I don’t normally blow the environmental horn, this also saves on waste (paper packaging) and fuel consumption.
    Thanks to everyone who has ordered a print!

  8. Totally understand and excited to own.

  9. well worth the cheap cost. i’ve got one of the candykiller prints from letterpressed that hangs behind my monitor.

  10. Thanks folks.

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