Aaron Horkey’s Grails Poster

Well folks, here it is, Aaron Horkey’s newest concert poster.  This new piece for a Grails and James Blackshaw show in San Diego is a six color screenprint (with metallic gold) and will measure about 38″ tall.  This is the show/postersandtoys.com version, but there will also be another version for Burlesque Design.  If you can make it out to the show, do it, as there will only be 30 available in the “show edition”.  Plus Grails is a great, great band.  Watch for more info about the  online sale around the end of the month.  Enjoy!

Click the image for a larger view:

EDIT:  Hooo-weee, here is the version Burlesque Design will be releasing.  As always, I’ll keep you updated.

23 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Grails Poster”

  1. words fail me… a really great work.
    i hope i get one for my wall.

  2. Great looking, just don’t like the color it’s printed on.

  3. out of this world. i love it.

  4. Wow!

  5. outstanding!

  6. agreed these colors aren’t too great hopefully the other color variants look better

  7. Dig the colors. I think that’s my favorite helmeted bird thus far, including nesting.

  8. that is awesome. anyone know how long it takes Horkey to work up one of these pieces? I mean, the detail is astounding.

  9. Allthought the script is such an integral part of the design, I wish Horkey did a few of these (Cable included) as art print without the band names. I feel like such a phony rockin gig-posters for bands I have no interest in–no offense to any Cable or Grails fans.

  10. bananahammock- no need to feel like a “phony” for not liking the bands. The art is amazing and more than enough reason to “rock” these posters.

    i’m still anticipation the horkey black and white box set mentioned earlier.

  11. Booyah!!! Take that Horkey haters!

  12. Horkey just kills it every single time.

  13. how much blood went into this piece?

    that sure is an aweful lot of red…

  14. Amazing work. I love the color scheme.

  15. I am not going to buy this or any other print until his black and white sets come out. I need to start saving my pennies.

    I want them all.

  16. Yes please. But so huge?

  17. i watched horkey walk up to a wall in the diesel fuel gallery and in 25 minutes banged out some seriously detailed letter work. no erasing, no sketching, dude just knew what he wanted to see and let his hand do the rest. i should also add that he’s the nicest, most humble guy ever. just keeps his head down and keeps bang’n em out. i can’t wait for this print to drop so i can scoop one up

  18. Dig the show version, a ton, but the BLSQ version just isn’t doing it for me. Not a fan of the blue on blue. Awesome vork as usual though.

  19. I’ll say it … the blue on blue is terrible

  20. I’m hoping i make it down to the SD show to pick this up, i’m not diggin the blue either

  21. I think the blue is growing on me. I didn’t really like it at first either, but I am starting to change my tune. I still like the show version best, but that red on blue looks pretty dope!

  22. Can’t stop coming back and looking at this beauty! Another Horkey gem.

  23. I sure hope Kellum releases a line art original of this. Can’t wait!

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