“The Gauntlet” Art Print by Greg “Craola” Simkins

Zerofriends and Greg “Craola” Simkins have teamed up for an amazing new print release.  “The Gauntlet” is a 16″ x 20″ giclee on cotton rag, has an edition of 100, and is $125.  You don’t see too many Craola prints in this price range, pick this one up.  Visit Zerofriends.com.

16 Responses to ““The Gauntlet” Art Print by Greg “Craola” Simkins”

  1. Must have. Print will look like an original when you get it. The details of Greg’s work is super duper.

  2. the coupon code “HELLO” works to save you 10%.

    I love simkins’ stuff.

  3. HELLO? Dammit! I used the $5 one 🙂


  5. MY FIRST SIMKINS – so glad this wasn’t $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. no prob

  7. shit, i wish i knew about the code before ordering…. GODDAMN!!!!

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the code!

    I got a mini print set by simkins a few months ago, and it looks amazing. I cant wait to see this in person.

  9. This was too good to pass up…

  10. must fight temptation

  11. Green u will regret it.

  12. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you =) Your efforts have turned me on to a number of artists, who have benefited as a result, as well as myself for having some amazing artwork around at all times. Keep it up m8!

  13. thx for pushing me over the edge 🙂

  14. Green, you know you had to do it!

  15. Right on Green. I am so stoked to see this in person. They ship Monday.

  16. IT SHOWED UP TODAY!!!!!!!

    THIS IS Y NEW FAVE PRINT. It looks just like a painting in person – so awesome. I am getting this framed STAT!

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