Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Grails Poster

Here’s a sneak peek at Daniel Danger’s new concert poster for Grails, part of a mini-tour series I put together.  The series will also feature posters by Aaron Horkey and David D’Andrea.  These will be for sale at the show, plus online sometime down the road.  Get out to see Grails if you can, they are great.  Until then, enjoy the pictures!!

You can see more pictures of the printing process at Bjorn Christianson’s Flickr page.

15 Responses to “Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Grails Poster”

  1. Good god. Mitch, can you hold a copy for me if I give you a hefty bribe? 🙂

  2. This band rules!!

  3. I love this. Can’t wait to see the other two!

  4. That is really nice. I’m really digging this monochrome trend from DD.

  5. anybody heard of these dudes? might have to check em in SF in a week. pretty thugged out??

  6. This is hot sauce.

  7. Its the art print of this in the Richard Goodall Gallery show that I nearly wet myself over….

  8. The orange version of this print is the cats meow.

  9. Daniel Danger is hotter than my man boobs wrapped up in a wool bra.

    this rules.

  10. Im not a big fan of Daniel Danger, but this is really an awesome print. It would be even better if he puts out an art print.

  11. too bad they supposedly brought the orange ones out at the SF show and had less than half when they got to LA. pretty sketchy, but what you gonna do?

  12. Umm, I don’t think they sold orange ones, just regular ones.

  13. Are the orange ones going to be the online edition?

  14. Nope, just a rare variant.

  15. my bad, i thought that the orange ones were the show copies. thought i read it somewhere, but must have just assumed.

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