Daniel Danger Exhibition at Richard Goodall Gallery (Preview Images)

Hey UK folk, Daniel Danger is coming to your neck of the woods later this month for a show at Richard Goodall Gallery.  The show opens February 28th at Goodall’s Thomas Street Gallery in Manchester.  There will be a number of new originals and prints available, and Daniel will be in attendance.  You can get more info (and see more previews) at RichardGoodallGallery.com.

Here are some preview images from the show, click on any of them for a larger view:

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  1. To drive or not to drive, I also have work in the morning so I’ve asked at what time it’s on until. Some of these pieces are ace though, the monochrome works brilliantly, there’s an image on the RGG site called “Don’t Touch Anything….” thats awesome. I wants it. though RGG are usually pretty pricey.

    Anyone else on here a Brit?

  2. I’d love to make it down from glasgow, but I don’t know if I can swing the trip…

  3. i’m in leeds. booked coach tickets yesterday. am excited, but scared of spending too much money!

  4. You oughta drive. Daniel’s an interesting character.

  5. anyone know the name of the 2nd preview pic? (right under the show poster)

    that is the nicest DD i’ve seen in awhile

  6. @Skoola:

    I’d wager it’s the eponymous work of the show title. It’s what’s written on the floorboards. “Lock + Key or Latch key, a House You Tricked Empty.”

    Anyways, I agree. That piece is amazing.

  7. Damn, can’t get enough of Mr. Danger

  8. the details in the floorboards are amazing

  9. Daniel = Dangerous and Emo


  10. Print # 2 is Awsome i want it!

  11. these are rad. DD deserves a chili dog.

  12. i wrote them about the prints and they don’t have any info yet, but offered to email me when they land some details. I will pass it along when I hear from them.

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