The Prodigy Concert Poster by Emek (Onsale Info)

Emek is ready to release his insane new concert poster for The Prodigy in Singapore.  It’s a 22.5″ x 30.5″ ten color screenprint with a fade.  These go up Saturday, February 7th at 10am PST.  It will be for sale on the Store/Info page at

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  1. Typical Emek sale–got a blank pop-up window & was stuck in silkscreen limbo.

  2. same here, blank window

  3. did this thing sell out already??

  4. blank window here too

  5. I am still waiting for the screen to load. All white right now. How long do you typically have to wait?

  6. how are you guys able to get to that stage?? it says the store is closed on my end

  7. Welcome j. This is indeed a screen printed poster, also known as a serigraph poster. They are nothing like the traditional and prevalent glossy posters. I believe that type of poster is printed using lithography. Serigraph printing is far more involved and the end result is closer to an actual painting. The paper used is thicker and much nicer than what is typically used in lithographic printing. Seeing the serigraph printing process first hand gives a greater appreciation for the work involved above and beyond just the creative process. Technology has automated the serigraph printing process, but there are still many artists who hand print their posters and prints. Emek is the most popular modern day gig poster artist. A lot of his work is nothing short of incredible. A couple of good sites to learn more about screen printing and gig posters are: and Visit Expressobeans and search on Emek and Aaron Horkey to see some impressive examples of screen printed artwork. There are also all kinds of clips about screen printing on YouTube, if you are interested in learning more about the process.

  8. So…did anybody get one?

  9. i did…

  10. i’m glad to say i scored one as well. in fact, i just now awoke from a head wound caused by doing a poorly executed back-flip which i attempted in utter happiness.

  11. i really wanted this one…dang!

  12. I gots me one

  13. oh well. we can’t win them all but we can sure as hell try.
    j: when you receive your first print in the mail, you’ll see why we’re all hooked.
    nice rundown above Matt.
    great to see such an approach with newcomers.
    the detail as with all emeks is astounding. the guy’s another league.

  14. I’ve got a question that I don’t mean to sound bitter…how is it that some people consistently end up scoring prints that sell out in seconds? I’m refreshing my computer too. Is there some technique that everyone’s hiding or is it really a roll of the dice?

  15. With Emek sales, I think it’s a combination of a high-speed internet connection (the faster, the better), luck, and patience. Don’t give up when you see a “store temporarily closed” message, but keep F5ing until you see a “sold out” or “store is closed” message with the little skeleton guy. From what I’ve read on ExpressoBeans, it might take 10-15 minutes before the entire run actually sells out. The one time I got an Emek print, I saw a buy button right away, clicked on it immediately, and went to a checkout screen.

  16. I’ll go ahead and share my trade secret to scoring Emek prints…

    1. Use dial-up, not high speed
    2. Be naked while at the computer
    3. And most importantly, have John Tesh, Live at Red Rocks playing in the backround.

    Good luck next time!

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