Shepard Fairey “Supply & Demand” Box Set and Art Print (Onsale Info)

What do you know, Arrested Motion has more exclusive info for ya.  As part of their insane Shepard Fairey exhibit that opened tonight, ICA Boston will release a special box set edition of “Supply & Demand”, complete with four 8.5″ x 11″ screenprints.  The sets are limited to 400 pieces and will cost $175.  They will also release an art print with the “Supply & Demand” artwork.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 475, and will be $50.  These will be available first to ICA members only (membership info HERE) starting today (Wednesday, February 4th) at 10am EST (I would assume online and via phone).  For more info, visit

EDIT:  Looks like they are only doing in-person orders right now.

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  1. Just called and they said they’d only be available in the ICA store.

  2. These are only for sale in person, no phone or internet orders

  3. would be a lot nicer if they were new images

  4. the box set and print will not be sold online. from the ICA site:

    “The sale of each item will be limited to 1 per household and is available for sale on-site at the ICA Store only. “

  5. is it sold out in stores?? i want to drop by

  6. Arrested Motion must have such a close contact with the Shep Crew – Its like behind the scenes with these guys.

    I would love this set – I don’t have any contacts to get there.
    Lets hope ebay pops a few up.

  7. Can we order these online or over the phone?

  8. Damn meatloaf,

    read the replies….

    I’m kind of bitter about not being able to place a phone order. Sounds like they’ve been getting a lot of calls for this.

  9. Oh, sorry, I guess I’ll try to buy it off if they get them

  10. sucks i want to pick up a set they release them on OG.

  11. Picked up both earlier today, had to become a ICA member. Sweet.

  12. I was gonna try to get this. Then I realized I didnt want them. Then I read that I wouldnt be able to buy them anyway.

    Guess everything is turning up roses for me today.

  13. I have heard they will NOT be available on – Only available in person at ICA

  14. Fairey’s getting sued by the AP.

  15. “In negotiations”

  16. I’m not so concerned that i’ll miss this.
    i have previously gone overboard trying to get select limited prints from strange places only to find them released again at a later date through Shep’s site.

    Jennifer C: What is going on?

  17. Check it out b’jae

    AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image
    – Wed Feb 4, 6:56 pm ET

    NEW YORK – On buttons, posters and Web sites, the image was everywhere during last year’s presidential campaign: A pensive Barack Obama looking upward, as if to the future….

    Total crap… $$$

  18. The article will be posted tonight, you guys are fast.

  19. I wonder what that artist from Texas whose initials are BO is thinking right now. I just blanked on your name, sorry fellow OMG’er.

  20. a/o 2/6 10:20 am ALL Shepard Fairey limited editon merchandise at ICA is SOLD-OUT. No more will be arriving.

    Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand runs through August 16, 2009.

  21. I did, however, see it last night on ebay for $1400…

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