“Leap Of Faith” Art Print by Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey (Online Sale Info)

Looks like they weren’t able to move all of Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey’s collaborative art prints at Subliminal Projects, so some will make it online.  “Leap Of Faith” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and costs $50.  It will go up sometime tomorrow (Thursday, February 5th) at ObeyGiant.com.

16 Responses to ““Leap Of Faith” Art Print by Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey (Online Sale Info)”

  1. I would happily buy this on the merits of the print alone if it didn’t have that unfortunate stamp in the lower left hand corner. I think it’s a beautiful image and I like the colour tones, but that stamp just kills it for me.

  2. Anyone have any idea what the time range might be? Pacific time?

  3. Most likely no one would have ever heard of the availability of this print if it weren’t for the stamp in the lower left. Just pretend it doesn’t have it and pretend you never heard of it.

  4. I already got mine… These were for sale at Sheps studio over the weekend.

    This one will be hard to get via webstore because they sold a grip through the studio, mine is in the 150’s… who knows how many they sold after I got mines.

  5. first one of sheps ive liked in a while..

  6. any idea when these will go up today? I am so tired, I hope soon!

  7. whoa i was refreshing the page and “Militerry” and “This is your God” came up. I snagged and when the page reloaded they were already gone!

  8. Cece, I saw that too!

  9. Its up.

  10. Got one

  11. Just got mine..but looks like the store is down now… I refreshed at the right time!


  13. Got my first Shep directly from the web site! The last 3 prints I was shut out on contsantly retrying the store.
    Sure pays to refresh every 3 minutes…

  14. got it!

  15. woo hoo! I went all the way to almost submitting my order and it kept crashing on me. I just kept refreshing and eventually got a confirmation email. yes!

  16. Same here. the first print I managed to buy from the site. Each time I tried it crashed. This time it worked

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