Tonight’s Tiny Showcase: Tyler Stout Letterpress Print

Whoa, here’s some big news.  Tiny Showcase will release a brand new letterpress art print by Tyler Stout tonight.  Tiny Showcase prints are always inexpensive, small, and super limited.  They always come out on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is some of Tyler’s other work:

25 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase: Tyler Stout Letterpress Print”

  1. Can i cross my fingers and hope its a “tiny” kukuweaq 2 for those of us who missed out on it?

    yeah i know…but its nice to dream sometimes

  2. No, but it’s something really good.

  3. i just hope it has some theme, and not a mix match of objects.

    kukuweaq 1 would be sick

  4. Its based on a previous piece, and not Kukuweaq-related.

  5. welll admin you know what it is… want to give one quick hint and say if its a gigposer/movieposter or not

  6. Damn, you guys are getting pretty specific. Ummm, neither. Based on a previous art print? Maybe? Maybe not? Just be there.

  7. Maybe one of the Migration prints?

  8. Or Welcom Home would be really cool too!


  9. Tyler always puts out great work, this may be the 1st Tiny Showcase piece in awhile that im excited to see

  10. In the e-mail it said they’d been working together on it for two years, so it has to be something that old right? Either way I’m all over this.

  11. Awesome. The Decemberists poster is gorgeous in person. The colors really pop. CAn’t wait to see what this one is.

    On an unrelated note, anyone else notice that Jermaine Rogers has a preview of his Nakatomi print up on his site?

    Right here

  12. I’m waiting for my RoboCop and Kukuweaq posters. Maybe I’ll check this out as well.

  13. EE’s correct – Migration.

    Check out the image on their frontpage.

  14. def looking forward to this one. scored kuk2 might as well try this one too

  15. this release is too funny:

    today I was looking a Burwell’s tiny show case release. man i wished that i didn’t miss that piece. today I shalln’t.

  16. I haven’t grabbed a Tiny Showcase print in awhile. That could end today.

  17. Picking this up just made my day.

  18. tiny migrators!
    snagged one, thanks for the heads-up admin.

  19. Got one. I like it. Definitely tiny— 7 X 9–

  20. Got one too! Looks awesome!

  21. Wow, that was a larger run than Tiny’s usual 100 and it sold out super fast…especially coming off a week where their print sold 7 copies.

  22. Damnit – did I miss it?

  23. $25 for a handbill?

  24. Not a handbill banana, all tiny showcase prints are just that, tiny. It’s sort of their deal.

  25. Did anyone try to buy this on a blackberry? I got sent to some alternate paypal window even though this piece was in my cart. I had 200 out of 200 and now it’s gone. I wrote to tinyshowcase, but I have a bad feeling I didn’t get this. SO bummed. Weep.

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