Obey Roller Ball Pen

Well, this one is for the Obey completist.  Just in time for their new exhibit, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston has teamed up with Shepard Fairey to sell this high-end ballpoint pen.  Here is what Mr. Fairey himself had to say about the project:

“I like classic patterns and think that imagery lends itself to the posh image of high-end pens and card cases. The irony that my street art images are embedded may be lost on some, which makes the subversion that much more fun. Yee haw.”
—Shepard Fairey

You can pick one up for $68 at ICAStore.org.

Via dailyDuJuor.

17 Responses to “Obey Roller Ball Pen”

  1. wowie

  2. uh oh
    are we going to start seeing his stuff printed on any and eveyr object??

  3. What about wine labels – He hasn’t done that yet.

  4. I would laugh about wine labels, but apparently James Jean has a wine coming out soon and I fully support that so…

  5. james jean wine. that does sound yummy.

    look. there’s no doubt about it. the pen looks great and possibly performs well… but…
    well we know shep has been known to visit here before but…
    well… isn’t it obvious.

    this is ridiculous!

  6. $68 pen. How street.

  7. $68 pen. How street. = 🙂

  8. I don’t see why it is “ridiculous”? I think it pretty cool.

  9. this is so corporate…. sign your life away?


    (the kids love this one)

  11. I like the pen. I probably won’t buy it, but it looks cool. Plus, people would see it and think it was all “street” and that I might have even been in the big house for a while bein’ all A.B. and big ‘n’ bad. *That’s* what I want. *That’s* what would make me “hard”.

  12. Obey is a brand. Plain and simple. Haven’t you seen Shepard’s clothes and accessories? Granted $68 is pretty expensive.

    And hey, Mike Giant has a Sharpie for $3.50.


  13. I would not be nearly as hardcore with a Mike Giant sharpie. I want to be as hardcore as I can *possibly* be. Don’t you get it?!?!? DAMMIT!!

  14. Obey limited screenprinted toilet paper will be next.

  15. I wonder if you can make it into a shank. Ya know, for the times your really street and in the joint.

    Gotta protect yo shit!

  16. Looks like Shep has done the wine label thing as well!!! $75.00 bucks a bottle…….


  17. I smell some trust funds.

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