iSteamPhone T-Shirt by Kevin Tong

Here’s a pretty amazing t-shirt designed by Kevin Tong, a good friend of the site.  There were also prints available at one time, but those went with the quickness.  To quote the website:

“Artist Kevin Tong captures the invention of daVinci, the imagination of H.G. Wells, and the brilliance of Jonathan Ive in this Exploded Phone drawing.”

This thing has been getting some major props in the blogosphere, so hats off to Kevin and the folks behind the site for their success on this.  It is an oversized design printed on American Apparel tees for $20.  Visit

5 Responses to “iSteamPhone T-Shirt by Kevin Tong”

  1. Kool with a K

  2. Quickly becoming one of y favorite artists–picked up his gelaskin design last week.

  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support.

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