“Bill Murray Times Six” (2nd Edition) Art Print by Tim Doyle

So, turns out some big movie blogs caught wind of Tim Doyle’s “Bill Murray Times Six” art print, so the first ones sold out so fast that most poster collectors missed out.  After receiving about a million emails, Doyle decided to offer up a second edition.  This new colorway is the same 6″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 35, and is $30.  Visit NakatomiInc.com.

14 Responses to ““Bill Murray Times Six” (2nd Edition) Art Print by Tim Doyle”

  1. Holy smokes, Tim is really blowing up.

    Oh Doyle rules!

  2. No…I’m literally exploding. Too many beans.

  3. So he offered up 35 more in another colorway? How many will be in the 3rd edition?

  4. What a shame Maryjane had a pain at the party.

    Come on, a million emails?? Don’t you just love second editions, it makes the words “limited edition” mean so much more, really it does.

  5. Long as you keep buying them, he’ll keep printing them!

    What’s the variant on this second edition? Not sure if I should grab this or wait for the 4th edition. Decisions, decisions.

  6. bummer. wonder if all the nakatomi stuff will have second editions?

  7. Nope! All the Invitational stuff is a one-shot only.

  8. You are aware Mr. Doyle has to eat, right? I mean, really… It’s a Bill Murray print that cost thirty bucks. It’s not like he’s making it an edition of 500 and selling them for $150 a pop.

    Keep flipping Fairey’s prints and leave Tim alone. He’s a reasonable man.

  9. He has to eat? Why not make an open edition then?

  10. Yes, I know it must come as a surprise, but I do require food.

  11. C’mon, Stoney. It was a print that turned out to be more popular than expected. In a time when many artists are kicking out such limited releases it’s refreshing to see an artist put out an extra 35 prints for those who missed it. Besides, it’s not like he just reissued the original.

    Don’t let these kids get you down, Tim.

  12. You should make 4 more editions and the last one you should keep open. There are a ton of Bill Murray fans out there. Plus its always fun to piss people off.

  13. Its good to see more prints are being made. Nothing sucks like not being able to get a cool print because its sold out. Let the poster flippers and collectors pee themselves.

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