Shepard Fairey Pizzeria Installation in Providence, RI

Shepard Fairey returned to his old stomping grounds of Providence, RI to work on a massive installation at Nice Slice, a local pizzeria.  The 8′ x 10′ mural is centered around his iconic Angela Davis image.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and check that beast out.  Big thanks Mitch from Providence for the pictures.  Enjoy!

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  1. damn it! I was just there 2 weeks before… looks like i will be taking aother trip there soon to see this! I wonder what they did where there obey marley print now….

    and for anyone in the area, it is seriously the best pizza on earth. Try the vegan bbq chicken!

    also another tidbit about the pizzeria. there was an empty box of theirs in the original guitar hero game when you went to the practice screen.

  2. I know where I’m going for dinner tonight.

  3. awesome! and i agree that nice slice has he best pizza in the city……and while you in the providence area, take a drive around the city and the west side, shep got up in a couple of really cool spots.

  4. hahaa “vegan bbq chicken” sound good

  5. I think my wife worked there when we lived there – It plays dub all the time up near browns. Cool – how funny to see a pizza place I know on this blog.

  6. nice slice… sofa king good

  7. If your ever on Capitol Hill in Seattle go to the War Room and see another of his installations. Surprising similar to this one!

  8. Speaking to my old gal – she said that when she worked there they had some early Obey posters up (3-4 yrs ago) – she spoke to the owner as she recognized an artist he had up from Portabello (london) and they moved onto Shep – They went to brown together I think.
    Now she tells me this !

  9. Shepard Fairey went to Risd, I’m told the owner of nice slice did as well, but I can’t find evidence to support or disprove this. Either way, they know each other.

  10. and yes, the vegan bbq pizza is better than the real bbq pizza. It’s that good.

  11. so impressive ; )
    as always

  12. the owner and shep used to skate together back in the day!

  13. When I think of black struggles in the 60s I think of pizza. Delicious, non corporate pizza

    “Yes can I get a slice of the Rosa Parks and a Huey Newton?”

    “That’ll be 5 non ironic dollars, please”

    “It’s been a pleasure exploiting a races troubles in the name of late night, totally drunk oven baked goods”


  14. Yeah, the owner went to RISD. He graduated from Industrial Design (My department).

    He personally delivers pizza for any of the ID teacher meetings.

  15. The wall looks great, the patterns are awesome — but Shepard Fairey shouldn’t get the credit for the “iconic image” of Angela Davis. That credit needs to go to the photographer who took the picture that Fairey’s art is directly based on (or maybe I should say “inspired by”?): Stephen Shames.

    Who is Stephen Shames? a long-dead washed-up radical from the 60s? But no: he’s a living photojournalist who is still taking pictures that have to do with social justice issues, and who has actually started a foundation that helps support Ugandan children to attend school and go on to college.

    I didn’t know anything about Shames before looking at this blog post — but I knew I’d seen that Angela Davis picture before. It was easy to find a page telling who exactly had made the image, it was on the second page of a google image search for Davis. Links to Shames’ work were at the top of a search for his name.

    Good work with the tracing paper, Shep!

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