“The Call I” Art Print by Josh Keyes (Onsale Info)

This is going to be an exciting one.  David B. Smith Gallery is gearing up to release Josh Keyes’ newest art later today.  “The Call I” is a 20″ x 26.5″ giclee, has an edition of 750, and will be $175.  These will drop today (Tuesday, January 27th) at approximately 11am Mountain Time.  Click the “Editions” link at DavidBSmithGallery.com.

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  2. I’m definitely giving it a try

  3. This month I’m officially broke. I have to get this print though. I know just where it’s going.

    Question, anyone know what you call the framing method where the print is mounted and “floated” in the frame? In this case, so you’ll be able to see the deckled edge?

    It looks like you have to mount the print to foamboard or something and then go from there. Any tips? I like to try framing at home, but I don’t know that technique. Maybe a good framing book someone can recommend?



  4. i’m getting this…

  5. Hi Colin
    I think you are correct (although I am no framer just a guy that took apart some pictures) you get the acid free foam and cut it nearly to size but just a bit smaller – You then get mini pieces of tape and tape it to the board as least as possible. I then think this is mounted on say a mount board that gives you a few extra inches to the glass. Then you get spacers – these are little metal bridges or humps -These go on the mount board to the glass at the edges and therefore raising it up and off the picture

    Dadddaaa !

    Well that’s what it looked like when I took one apart

  6. awesome. thanks Moog. gonna have to try it out on some crummy posters and then go for the big show! I always figured is was basically backwards matting, but never bothered to try it. Now I have a couple of prints that I want mounted that way.

    Thanks again.

  7. If you’re going to float it, get it done professionally. trust me. if not and you’re going to use mylar corners then DIY.

  8. Hi Colin – I think you can get really cheap frames at http://www.americanframe.com/index.html
    People always rave about this site = I think if you get the frame and some spacers you could do it

    Good luck – I would like to know the result as if you crack it I will follow
    Moog (Moog on EB)

  9. Brian,

    Have a bad experience? What about the floating it messed up the process? Was it that the frame wasn’t deep enough? That’s my fear.

  10. Hi Moog,

    I’ll let you know if it turns out. I’m going to experiment. I like being able to do things myself. Framing and Upholstery are two things that I really want to be good at since they are so expensive to have done.

    That said, one more framing question: Anyone know a good place to buy molding online? I see some of the frames that some artists use ( Ryden, or Jeremy Fish for instance) and wonder where on earth they get these frames or even the materials to build them. Any ideas?

    BTW: Store is down already!

  11. back up. worked great. thought I was in for an Obey kinda morning.

  12. GOT MINE!!!!!!!

  13. The site looks like you can still buy the prints…This can not be right can it?

  14. oh it certainly can

  15. My first Keyes! YES!!!

  16. Got one – still up. Forgot about it and just checked it and darn….. rush rush but it was easy.

  17. I liked this motif and thought it was really unique back a while ago. Now I find it a tad repetitive – just my opinion…

  18. Love the tiny Obama sticker. Was happy to buy one.

  19. They are still available because this is a much larger edition size at 750.

  20. I have a feeling these will be up for a little while… maybe around a week.

    I don’t care about the edition size, the print is friggen awesome.

  21. yeah, 750 prints at $175 a pop. i’d imagine these will be available for just a bit. I agree with Daddy Welfare, it’s sweet.

  22. scored one too! although at first the site kept crashing

  23. some dude on EB says they’re half sold. based on what? I don’t know, but that’s what he says.

  24. What is “EB”?

    I am really surprised that these are still around because you could buy two at a time…. I would not have fought the site would have crashed if there was not much action..

  25. Hopefully the edition size is large enough that these will still be around tomorrow after my paycheck clears…

  26. Gareth, EB is short for ExpressoBeans.com.

  27. There are 276 left at 1:12 pacific. Checking inventory of online stores isn’t hard at all.

  28. Had to buy one! Keyes keep craking out that HEAT!

  29. Can you explain, UncleEbeneezer?

  30. Colin: You type in a large numer and the cart will adjust it to the number the store has available hence how people know how many are left.

  31. …..269 left

    glad i got one!
    first keyes print !

  32. oh, right. that makes total sense.

    I just assumed they didn’t have an intelligent shopping cart since they said a limit of 2, but I accidentally had three in my cart at one point.


  33. 265 left

  34. Colin, protect that investment and get some water reversible acid-free tape. do a search for Hayaku tape or rice starch paste and of course make sure you’re using conservation boards for your project.

    Vivian Kistler does a nice book series on picture framing, they’re available on Amazon.

    You also might want to drop by a local frame shop and try and make friends. If you came into my shop i’d give you some help and advice on doing-it-yourself. maybe someone in your area can do the same.

  35. Thanks for the tips mAtt! Hope my local framers are such stand-up folks!

  36. I recommend you just try it yourself on this piece. You figure there are 750 available. If you mess it up, you could always buy another in a couple months for a $100.

  37. 216 avail. right now, on Wednesday morning. Over 500 sold in less than 24 hours. Wow. His stuff only goes up in value too.

  38. His rare prints go up in value. This one not so much. It will probably keep a steady value of $175 though.

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