“Ramblin” Art Print by Dan Grzeca

Dan Grzeca just put out another awesome new art print.  “Ramblin” is a 21″ x 26″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and is only $35.  Pick one up at his Etsy Shop.

Click the images below for a larger view:

13 Responses to ““Ramblin” Art Print by Dan Grzeca”

  1. looks like dan is following in leia bell’s shoes

  2. Have I ever mentioned that Dan Grzeca is the shit?

  3. well he ships like shit

  4. what do you mean? I have had no problems in the past, and I’ve had quite a few orders.

  5. yeah, he is a tad slow but it arrives soon enough…

  6. I’ve found Dan to be one of the best in the mid-west. I received a mystery tube with no packing problems at all. He even double packed it. I’ve ordered single posters in the past with zero problems at all.

  7. Yeah, don’t believe the hype, Dan ships stuff safely and relatively fast.

    Jimbo, take that shit to EB.

  8. fast? still waiting for a mystery painting ordered a year ago…

  9. Everytime I see his stuff it reminds me of a lino block print. Pretty cool definitely.

  10. I’ve bought off dan had no problems , fast shipping and well packed and more importantly incredible quality product. just thought i’d give my experience of purchasing

  11. EB? I looked up some info on Dan @ Encyclopædia Britannica, came up saying he ships kinda slow, but great quality.

    thanks for the source!

  12. I’ve never ordered anything from Dan, but I don’t see why people would hold an artist to shipping fast. Yes they sold a you print, but most artists are just a one man shipping center. It’s a very time consuming process. If you like the art you should just buy it and don’t worry how long it takes to ship. Comment on the art for Pete’s sake.

  13. well, the problem begins when artists tell you that stuff is “in the mail” 4 or 5 or 20 times.

    dan seems to ship just fine when you buy a poster or a tube worth of stuff. it’s when you step outside that area, that things get hard.

    and the old, artists are artists give them a break is a cop out. if artists want to be artists they need to business people. it’s not hard to type 5 word emails to people who are waiting.

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