Preorder Ron English’s “Grin” Vinyl Figure

Ron English has brought his hilarious pop-culture sensibility to the world of vinyl toys.  “Grin”, produced by English and Made by Monsters, is now available for preorder.  You can grab one for $95 at

Thanks to Toycyte for the info.

7 Responses to “Preorder Ron English’s “Grin” Vinyl Figure”

  1. completely genious.

  2. This is really cool

  3. nice toy

  4. That’s so great. I just couldn’t justify spending 95 on a toy.

  5. This is seriously disturbing! Charlie Brown is a childhood icon, and to see him presented in this manner is unsettling to say the least.

  6. I agree, this is definitely disturbing. Not an appropriate image for this character.

  7. Why is this not appropriate and yet Banksy’s Queen Victoria face grinding riding a policeman is ?

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