Ten Questions With Andrew Vastagh

I really like Andrew Vastagh’s work.  He just kind of quietly, consistently pumps out great design.  Like, you won’t hear anything from him for a couple of months, then he’ll just come from out of nowhere and upload about 30 new posters.  He’s cool like that, so I was excited to have him sit down for the Ten Questions treatment.  Enjoy!

Age: Thirty Two

Location: Nashville, TN by means of Memphis & Chicago

Years Doing Posters: Screen printed since ’02, I started in the school’s shop with found materials and whatnot. I’d go in the week after exams and everyone had gone home and the students that were just fulfilling requirements would leave all sorts of stuff, paper, screens, ink. It was like in Charlotte’s Web where Templeton went into the fairgrounds after hours, it was a smorgasbord.  I did TONS of xerox stuff in high school and college. I had a xerox machine in my tiny room in the back of this house in the ghetto. I sort of ‘borrowed’ it from this place my dad was working at the time, they closed and the machine sort of just ‘stayed’ with me. i loved that thing. I’d just sit on the floor with that thing for hours in a pile of shredded paper and toner cartridges.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: Anything with Madalyn, my daughter, in it. I love sort of documenting her growing up. She’s eleven now and I’ve done at least a couple a year since I’ve been doing this. It’s cool to see the evolution in the work and her maturing. Maybe she’ll think it’s cool when she’s grown up or she’ll be so jaded she’ll just think I’m a square. I’m banking on the prior. She’s a good kid. I took her to Los Angeles to hand deliver posters to the Jonas Brothers for crying out loud. She owes me, big time.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: ugh. maybe anything Jay Vollmar does. I know its cheating the answer but Jay is my go to guy, his stuff just rules.

Music Currently In Rotation: Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP, new Handsome Furs & Vetiver, Louis CK – Chewed Up-technically not music but the dude is so damn funny, and the new Kanye cd has been in rotation. Very “adventurous” for him, I’d say. I know it’s cool to not like him but as someone who can find the enjoyment of ‘pop’ music I can appreciate all the creative chances he takes. He doesn’t settle for one particular style or formula at the risk of alienating his current fans / supporters which also opens up the opportunity to turn new people onto it. He likes to stir the pot, too. I find that entertaining. Lil’ Wayne too, his latest has some crazy creative songs on it. Seems like the lines in popular hip-hop are being blurred a little bit which I find interesting for a change. Kid Cudi sampling Band Of Horses and stuff is great. To see the hip-hoppers showing their diversity instead of maintaining some clichéd persona is refreshing. I like music alot.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: Hmmm, it’s been a while. maybe something from this guy Shepard Fairey, maybe you’ve heard of him. I’ve never bought anything by him but i dug “This Is A Poster”.  It’s a one color print with just type. nothing fancy. Oh and tom standard’s ‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’ print. I had to get it to put by the coffee maker at the studio. I bought one of King Mini’s stuffed trailer trash momma pillows. No toys tho, I have a closet full of unopened Todd MacFarlane figures. I had to draw the line…

Art Hanging On Your Walls: I have a rotating lineup in my office on some Ikea wire thing. Usually its whatever friends / associates give me when they come in town. Lots of Methane & Sasha Barr. After Flatstock I’ll hang whatever new ones I pick up, I need to get that new Morrissey poster Robert Methane just did. Bob’s my drinkin’ buddy, he’s a hoot. Framed, I have some Vollmar (Beulah, flower), Pete Cardoso’s ‘Get Up Kids’ poster. That was the first time I ever swapped prints with someone and that is one of the posters I saw when I was starting and said, I want to make cool stuff like that. Pete rules. My girl is really into Leia Bell so lots of that and Daly.  Mat and Methane rival for mass coverage in the house probably.

Upcoming Stuff: Random stuff for Live Nation on the west coast, I’m doing the Nashville date for the AC Newman tour series. Blitzen Trapper, too. I’m doing all the branding for Next Big Nashville this year. It’s sort of like a regional showcase / industry / excuse to party thing that happens over the course of a long weekend in September. It’ll be a big one. Lots of eyeballs on it so I gotta make it fresh. This is serious business.

Words of Wisdom: Go for what you think is right, follow your dreams & ambitions and as long as you mean it and love it you’ll be successful. Stick to your guns and stand up for what you believe is right and if anyone gets in your way, level them.

Oh and, if you meet more than three people in a day that are assholes, chances are, you’re the asshole.

See more of Vastagh’s work at Boss Construction.

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  1. andy is a great guy and a damn fine artist

  2. Good stuff!

    Did Pete Cardoso’s Superchunk poster really print with Worcester spelled wrong? Ugh.

  3. HA! Oh yes it is totally spelled wrong. Not the first time I did that, thats for sure!! I’m really stoked OMG did an interview with Andrew. Always been a favorite of mine and as Jimbo said, a great guy.

  4. Thanks for the “shout out” on the coffee poster, “Andy”. I’m basking in the “glow” of your “fame”.

  5. Love Mr. Vastagh! One of the first people that I met outside of Pittsburgh in the poster scene at my first Flastock and is still nice to me. Ho ho ho!

    It’s so true how he just pops up out of nowhere with practically a new portfolio of awesome too. Rigghht Onnnnnn!

  6. I heart Vastagh’s Spoon poster

  7. Yeah. That dude rocks. Always been good and passionate about what he does. The coolest thing about him is that HES MY OLDER BROTHER. I know he hates hearing this but he has been my idol sense I was a kid. I love ya ANDREISKA! (that’s his Hungarian name)

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