“Woebama” Art Print by Angry Woebots

Silent Stage Gallery just launched a new website, and they have a brand new art print for sale as well.  “Woebama” by Hawaiian artist Angry Woebots is an 18″ x 24″ offset, has an edition of 300, and is $25.  Definitely a change of style for Angry Woebots (no Pandas?), but still recognizable.  Visit SilentStageGallery.com.

4 Responses to ““Woebama” Art Print by Angry Woebots”

  1. thanks for the heads up, i just got one. i was getting tired of all the obama images but i also always wanted to own a angry woebot.

  2. He looks like Hank Hill in this one. Not quite feeling it artistically, but I’m very glad for the Obama posters and this morning’s inauguration.

  3. damn, woebots holdin’ it down!!!!!! love the print.

  4. I love Woes and this is Meh

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