Shepard Fairey on The Colbert Report (Video)

In case you missed Shepard Fairey’s appearance on The Colbert Report Thursday, here is the full video.  Colbert took a couple fun-loving jabs at him, but for the most part it’s a pretty laid back interview.  Props to Shepard for all the press lately, dude works hard, he deserves it.  Enjoy!

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  1. some stiff jabs there by Mr. Colbert… Shep was looking a little uncomfortable there for a second lol… big ups

  2. Look at me I’m hardcore with my clash shirt on….yeah okay buddy, go sip your champagne in your limo on the way to your million dollar house.

    P.S. keep pumping out prints on a weekly basis though, this second income is really helping!

  3. Yeah, and you´re so hardcore with your non-commercial-attitude… You would do exactly the same as him if you had the chance, or rather the skill and determination, to make it big.

    P.S. keep pumping out stupid comments instead of doing something productive, you will probably need that second income for a long time to come. =p

  4. I dont know. Seemed like every other interview he has done. Didnt look uncomfortable at all. Except for the money part.

  5. Sorta sucks that Colbert got the book name wrong, but overall it was very cool. Gotta love how Colbert wanted his own obey campaign. I wonder if they’ll run with that at all.

  6. Fairey always acts like that in interviews. Especially since Colbert doesn’t let guests in general get in a groove and say more than 1 or 2 sentences. Go see his Time magazine video interview and he is more or less the same, except he gets to wax poetic about street art in general, so he gets more passionate.

    On the topic of making money, of course he is rolling in it now. That image, even if he made no money off the posters (he said he rolled the money back into making more), has launched him into the main stream. He got hired to do the Time Man of the Year cover, got hired to do that Colbert image, his posters sell out with in hours. Plus the original Hope work was bought by the National Portrait Gallery, I am sure they paid a good amount for that.

  7. Obey Colbert. I agree, that would be a great campaign.

  8. “Plus the original Hope work was bought by the National Portrait Gallery, I am sure they paid a good amount for that.”

    Just an FYI, the National Portrait Gallery is member supported and doesn’t purchase it’s collection. The Obama portrait was donated to the gallery by a private collector, whom I’m sure paid a good amount for it.

  9. Hey Admin, Can I exercise my freedom of speech? Anyways for somebody who is a millionaire why can’t Frank smile more? One more thing there is a big difference between being detained and getting arrested. Check out the Jan 15th edition of the Onion and he looks like somebody killed his dog.

  10. Hey Sutton, give it a rest.

  11. Sheps just pissed cause Gay Marriage is banned in California and now that Obama is elected he should be walking on sunshine after the past 8 years!

  12. Hey Mr Perry, I don’t think gay marriage is a concern to Frank. If that was the case he wouldn’t do a Bad Brains print who HR admitted to gay bashing in New York.

  13. Good on Shep for all of his success, and pioneering some pretty iconic images of Obama. It was really great to see so many artists step up and show their support with some superb releases.

  14. Chuck D didnt Shepard just do a print to promote the gays in CA?

  15. Cool little interview. Colber was funny as usual. Shep seemed entirely himself and for all the smeared haters out there., spend more time worrying about your own success instead of criticizing others for achieving it.

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