“The Communist Party” Art Print by Tom Burns

Tom Burns just released this art print based on his ultra-popular Threadless shirt, “The Communist Party”.  It’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of only 30, and is $25.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

4 Responses to ““The Communist Party” Art Print by Tom Burns”

  1. Where’s Ho Chi Minh, mazn?

  2. These are hilarious.

    Too bad they aren’t a standard size.

  3. yeah ho chi is underrated, no doubt. i would also add a lil kim jong if i was really tryin to party. thats just me.

  4. I’m at work right now so I don’t have time to find the specific section on their site, but doesn’t it say somewhere in the Threadless legal fine print that designs they have chosen to print could not be used for other purposes afterwards?

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