More James Jean Art Prints Available

Since the James Jean prints got so much response yesterday, I thought I’d better point out that he has alot more prints available at his own website.  These include “Vanity”, “Hare”, and “Maze” from his new show, plus over 50 others.  They are high quality, signed giclee prints with open editions.  The best part is that most of them are less than $100.  Visit

Here are a few examples of prints at the site, but go look, there are so many more.


17″ x 22″ Signed Giclee, $85:


12″ x 18″ Signed Giclee, $52:


17″ x 22″ Signed Giclee, $85:

9 Responses to “More James Jean Art Prints Available”

  1. This guy is on fire

  2. well, this is what i was getting at in the other JJ post where my comment didn’t go through.

  3. Um, where are the new prints? I don’t see them under “prints” on that site.

  4. Oh, they’re under prints>paintings

  5. Yeah, they are split up into categories by what they were produced for originally.

  6. Ah, wonderful! Thank you so much for posting this. I first saw James Jean’s work in the form of covers for one of my favourite comics [Fables] and was completely blown away. His paintings are incredible but what was posted yesterday was quite out of my price range at the moment. I’m delighted that I will be able to hang some of his work in my home after all.

  7. open editions.

  8. Yeh, watch out there are some sellers on ebay trying to flip these same, open edition prints for like $300 a pop.

    Sadly a few were wold at that price.

  9. I’ve basically got no problem with flipping, buy it it’s yours do what you want with it, but it really bothers me when I see people taking advantage of others who simply don’t know that something is still available from the artist or is in fact open and not limited. I know, buyer beware, do your research, etc. etc. Reeks of deliberate scumbagness to me though.

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